January 31 pig price | southern region stable with rise!

2022-05-20 0 By

Today, the national average price of pig purchase showed a rising trend, the national average price of 6.85 yuan/jin, compared with yesterday, up 0.05 yuan/jin, up 12 areas, down 2 areas, 14 stable areas, the lowest price of xinjiang pig purchase, the price of 5.50 yuan/jin, the highest price of Hainan, the price of 8.50 yuan/jin.Pig prices fell below 13 yuan in Jilin, Heilongjiang, Yunnan and Gansu provinces, and below 12 yuan in Xinjiang.With the approaching of the Spring Festival holiday, the market transaction will further decline, the purchase demand is mainly supplemented by a small amount, but the village knife hands continue to be active.It is expected that in the latter part of January, the market hog price will have a significantly higher chance to gradually adjust back from the stage high. In some parts of northern China, the market hog price still has a rebound chance during the Spring Festival, and there is a significant chance of rise in local markets.In general, before the Spring Festival, the trading of live pigs is limited and there is no market for them. After the Spring Festival, with the continuous operation of slaughterers, the market speed of the breeding end will resume and the overall supply of live pigs will be sufficient.Although judging from the weight, the pig market has been sold in advance, due to the market’s expectation of the bottom in the first half of the year, the selling situation will not be too serious after the New Year. It is expected that the pig price will have a short-term shock in the game of supply and demand after the holiday, and then enter the decline.