Ling Fang why appear on the market namely sell like hot cakes, here have the answer

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Why lingfang?With the advent of FAW Toyota Lingfang hot sales, triggered a series of netizens to ask questions.To this question, zhihu has a highly praised answer: “Perhaps, you and the neo-refined, only a ling fang.”There is no lack of ridicule in the discourse, but you can still see the image of ling Fang owners.As the fourth generation product of HARRIER, Lingfang has won the favor of numerous overseas consumers by virtue of its own appearance level and luxury quality since its birth in 1997.In the past 24 years, Toyota Lingfang has been constantly innovating due to the development of The Times and the changing needs of users, and has always stood at the forefront of the automobile industry with an elegant and calm image, accompanying the growth of many elites.Some people love its delicate and exquisite high level of appearance, some people love its elegant and calm classic wind, more people love its wild and unrestrained gallop…When most people see Ling Fang for the first time, they are almost attracted by its innate elegance and high level of appearance.Suvs usually give people a sense of power, while the Lexus gives people a sense of grace and ease.In the middle of the traffic, it was obvious at a glance that it was different.Lingfang “high-end elegant light luxury city SUV”, its arrival, is a sublimation of SUV car market design aesthetics.Since the original HARRIER, the “eagle beak type grille”, combined with the sharp eye headlights with day running lights, turn lights and outline lights, the new Ling fang shaped the overall smooth modeling of flying Eagle style. In addition, the side modeling with lower resistance and smooth feeling, the whole vehicle almost reached the clever fusion of strength and softness.In the elegance more reveals a kind of times upstart advanced and lean.Lingfang, as a masterpiece of faW Toyota’s brand concept of “Truth to the Extreme”, coincides with the aesthetic concept of “new delicacy” crowd represented by urban backbone.For the post-90s consumers in the Internet era, the simple formalism and ritual sense have long been unable to meet their “exquisite” needs. They not only have more and more extreme paranoia about the details of products and services, but also are unwilling to “compromise” on the details of life.More importantly, in their view, a good product is about expressing and achieving a better self.Perhaps, for the pursuit of fashion exquisite and unwilling to fall vulgar “new exquisite crowd”, almost difficult to refuse a Ling Fang.On the sides of the car, the smooth surfaces created by the release act as a canvas for light, displaying the surrounding scenery, the reflected rays of the sun, and the graceful shapes of the changing gloss from front to back of the car.Although it is an SUV, Ling Fang is also very sporty sports car, the lines of the window frame drop rapidly.The rear window glass is set at a slope Angle, and the floor is surrounded by material that is visually identical to the ground and tires, making the surface visually thinner.At the same time, Ling Fang pays attention to elegant design as well as practicality.The roof didn’t drop too much, so it didn’t sacrifice much interior space, in contrast to the average slapback SUV.From the side to the rear of the continuation of the curved luster, is the design of the aesthetics of the release.The rear part of the car is designed with a horizontal tone to create a sense of width. The one-line red taillight brings a full style and a strong sense of recognition and existence by showing details and broad light at night.The resin of the bumper extends beneath the rear composite headlights, creating a beautiful curved surface through bold shrinkage.Start with the appearance level, loyal to the inner.In addition to the classic and elegant design, what really makes consumers willing to pay for Ling Fang is its textural interior and its ubiquitous light luxury charm.For example, the center console surface, dashboard surface.Not only is the design exquisite, and the choice of material is also very careful.The curved surface of Ling Fang’s door panel is elaborately decorated with leather texture, which makes the curved surface design more aesthetic.And in this case, the material used is not real leather but synthetic leather.This is not for cost savings, but for design aesthetics, if it is genuine leather, there will be wrinkles and marks when stretched and bent.At the same time, ling also uses a shrinking electroplating decoration.In the choice of material, also show originality, the selection of pearly luster tin material, texture is full.In addition, the design from the glove box to the door panel is connected, allowing the space to expand.The shape of the door panel, ling Fang will be designed to cover the shape of the platform, so that when getting on and off the car even if the thigh touched the platform, it will not get dirty clothes;The seats have rounded corners that don’t cut your thighs;The backrest can be adjusted in two segments, making it easy to take a more relaxed ride.There are saddle-shaped armrests that are wide enough and high enough, with thick leather that bends naturally on the sides for an elegant silhouette.It fully considers the human body engineering in the design, the file position is reasonable, the grip feeling is comfortable, the operation is easy.In addition, Lingfang uses a lot of sound insulation materials, large areas of silent double laminated acoustic glass, maximize the reduction of external noise, for users to create a quiet space anytime and anywhere.In performance performance, volley will also force and soft balance properly.Based on Toyota TNGA-K high-end platform, Lexang has a lighter, high-rigidity body, with both a sense of weight and flexibility of the suspension adjustment, the dual-engine version can achieve a strong power output of 163 kW.Equipped with a variety of Toyota’s global leading power combination, lexa’s fuel economy is far better than that of the same class. The fuel consumption per 100 km of the 2.0L fuel version is only 6.0L, while the dual-engine version is as low as 4.5L.In addition, the new generation Toyota Safety Sense is equipped with 7 SRS air sacs as standard. With the support of the high rigid body, it creates a Safety fortress of “entry is peak”, providing ultimate protection for drivers and passengers.At present, the official guidance price of LING Fang is 219,800 to 297,800 yuan, from the overall price, higher than the same level of Rong Fang, but from the same level of competing products, Ling Fang’s price and choice space is more abundant.At the same time, ling fang is not only considered the economy of fuel consumption performance, but also the 92 gasoline adopted by LING Fang, from the perspective of long-term vehicles, also saves consumers no small expenditure.