Seven enterprises in Plants were listed as national green factories

2022-05-20 0 By

Huasheng Online On February 17 (correspondent Cui Lin) a few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “2021 annual Green Manufacturing list”, 7 enterprises in the plant on the list of national green factories.So far, Zhuzhou city has 21 national green factories.Zhuzhou city this time on the list of seven green factories,Zhuzhou sinovel precision tools co., LTD., in the car zhuzhou electric locomotive research institute co., LTD., zhuzhou nione equipment co., LTD., hunan general aviation engine co., LTD., south han, axle, zhuzhou gear co., LTD., Beijing automobile co., LTD., hunan zhuzhou branch Great Wall computer system co., LTD.In addition, there are two enterprises in Zhuzhou city products selected national green design products, respectively hunan Quankang Electronic Technology Co., LTD. “Chi Mi GR-H new electric heating”, Hunan Lifang new energy Technology Co., LTD. “lithium ion battery”.It is reported that since 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has organized the selection of green manufacturing list, aiming to improve China’s green manufacturing system, the full implementation of green manufacturing, and help the industrial sector to achieve the goal of “carbon peak, carbon neutral”.The green manufacturing list is divided into four categories: green factories, green design products, green industrial parks and green supply chain management enterprises.In recent years, Zhuzhou city through policy support, equipment investment, technological innovation and other paths, continue to build advanced green manufacturing model, accelerate the construction of green manufacturing system, leading the green development of industry, for the traditional manufacturing industry into “green gene”, speed up the construction of “green” manufacturing system.What is a green factory?Green factory refers to the factory that has realized intensive land use, harmless raw materials, clean production, resource recovery of waste and low carbonization of energy.It is the production unit of manufacturing industry, the implementation subject of green manufacturing, the core support unit of green manufacturing system, and the main form of future enterprise development.