An interesting match in the Premier League: Leeds VS Manchester United to save the champions League

2022-05-21 0 By

Last night, Arsenal were at home to Brentford in round 26 of the Premier League.Arsenal have made history by beating every team they have faced in the history of the Premier League, 49 teams in total.Arsenal are only one point behind Manchester United and the race to the top of the table is dead heat.In the first half, Odegaard’s header was blocked, Saka’s shot from a tight Angle was wide, lacazette’s goal was ruled offside and Odegaard’s long-range shot was wide.In the second half, Smith – Rowe scored, odegaard wasted a chance, saka fired home, norgaard pulled one back.In the end, Arsenal beat Brentford 2-1.As Thierry Henry said last night, Arsenal must return to the Champions League.Tonight, let’s take a look at another very similar match from the Premier League – Leeds v Manchester United.Leeds are no strangers to old fans and they played regularly in Europe many years ago.Leeds to upgrade to the premier league after the first season played well in the league in the middle position, but as the game ever deeper into the team’s motivation in reduced step by step so that the downstream position in the league so far, the offense also gradually misfiring, defense is awful, during many games in a row has lost the ball more 7-0 defeat against Manchester city,They are second only to Norwich in the relegation zone in goals conceded.The fortunes of Leeds united and Newcastle United are somewhat similar.Seventeen of the 46 goals Leeds have conceded in the Premier League this season have come at home, with Rafinha scoring 107 goals in the premier League. Leeds have conceded 11 set-piece goals, the league’s worst, in a 3-0 defeat at struggling Everton and a 1-0 home defeat at relegation rivals Newcastle last weekend.What a pair of brothers and sisters!Scoring goals seems to have become impossible for Leeds united as they have been kept clean on several occasions recently.What will be the result against the reds tonight?Manchester United seemed to be getting past the cristiano ronaldo fever, with a string of stars failing to produce a goal, with Cristiano fey failing to score in many games until his debut against Brighton.At the same time, The arrival of Rangnick and Manchester United added some intention.The media has often reported that he and Cristiano Ronaldo’s cristiano ronaldo are stable, and only draw against the weaker teams, so far he has broken into the top four of the league, but he is not far behind West Ham and Arsenal, or he will become a backdrop for others.”I grew up supporting Manchester United with my two brothers and it was my dream to play for Manchester United as a kid,” pogba told reporters.However, he was once rumored to be out of the game for a long time due to injury, and even once to be sold.Pogba’s recent courtship of Rangnick and the club is likely to pay the price for his lacklustre performances and persistent injuries.How do you say?United’s recent form has been lacklustre, with Southampton and Burnley both failing to win matches and a midweek make-up game in the Premier League, making them slightly less physical than Leeds.And, on their current form, united can’t afford to miss any winnable games to secure their champions League place.In other words, it will be a very competitive game for Leeds to avoid relegation and Manchester United to secure the Champions League.Without further ado, let’s watch the game tonight!