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A few days ago, at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, the start of Spring, the solar term of the whole year, opened the imagination of “together for the future” with ice sports.In the last month of 2021, we interviewed some esports executives in China, including those selected for the Asian Games, to describe their steps.We try to think about the changes that the Asian Games will bring to China’s e-sports industry in 2021 from their perspective, and reflect the future trend of the whole industry through the changes.No one has a universal answer for how the complex concept of esports has changed, based on different projects, communities and development contexts, and when we put together the answers given by those responsible, a different picture may emerge.In the last few months of 2021, every follower of China’s youth community has come to realize that League of Legends and the culture behind it have reached a point that cannot be ignored, whether from the perspective of cultural development, public perception or global communication.As the most influential plate in the whole League of Legends community, e-sports will also appear in Hangzhou in 2022. As an e-sports event with high popularity in Asia, its attention may become one of the most concerned events in the whole Asian Games.EDG won the title in November, to “Battle of the Two Cities” broadcast after the “Lone Brave” become the end of the year the last ruling short video cover songs, from The story of Jinx looking for self to make choices, to Meiko’s Grand Slam…If starting from 2018, League of Legends as an esports project begins to show its trendy characteristics and change the characteristics of the old subculture community of esports at a single blow, by the end of 2021, almost no one will doubt the influence of League of Legends as a trendsetting player of The Times on the cultural ecology of the current Chinese youth.In the face of everything in the past, teng sports CEO Jin Yibo said “skating on thin ice”, looking back from The Asian Games in Hangzhou ten years, league of Heroes is in this may be broken at any time on the ice, built a let China e-sports to the tide of rail, along the road has never been walked forward.In the summer of 2013, Jin Yibo and the players of Club WE followed the Chinese sports delegation to Incheon, South Korea. The delegation also included ding Junhui and Pan Xiaoting, who were in their prime at that time.Ten years ago in the summer, the distance or intersection between esports and sports was blurred for most people.League of Legends was the most popular game on the market at a time when copyright owners were exploring the possibilities of esports, and LPL was born as a marketing campaign for the game.No one knows how far it will go, and whether the fast-changing gaming market gives you enough time to perfect a game as a sport, something that has often taken nearly half a century in the history of sports over the past 100 years.From the simple logo, the 2013 LEAGUE of Legends is a cross between a sword and an axe, as Jin yibo said, “It is a very game, our materials are very game, we did not completely change at that time.In fact, we started to change the logo to a more sporty one from around 2014 or 2015, including when we changed the logo to a very simple red one.Such a transformation starts with the logo, but it is by no means a simple transformation of intention. Inward it is a systematic project, and outward it is a difficult reversal.In Jin Yibo eyes when S7 came to China in 2017, he was really perceived from the outside the feedback of e-sports is becoming a hero alliance system is one of the important pillars, it is at that point in time, the iconic stadium in four cities in China, a large number of Chinese audience on the spot for the first time feel the charm of e-sports sports attribute in the kernel.Whether the smiles in Wuhan and Guangzhou, or the tears in Shanghai, have formed an extremely important interaction in public perception.Then, fate pushed The Chinese league of Legends players to the stage of the competition in Mahaka Square in Jakarta, with the achievements accumulated in the development of sports. On August 29, 2018, fate favored the road of sports of Chinese League of Legends.Behind the gold medal is a kind of emotional fusion, and this fusion accumulated strength, in the following “four years three titles” gradually released.If that sentiment has pushed China’s esports system in the past few years toward the old idea of sport, it has become less a mere performance of skill and more a complex symbiotic relationship with multiple emotional values.After reaching an emotional consensus, Jin said, “I hope that in the 2022 Asian Games, whether our athletes, our ecological practitioners, including us, can really integrate with sports, and we will embrace them a little bit.”It has taken about 10 years for League of Legends to integrate the game from marketing activities to all-round sports, and hangzhou in 2022 May be the moment for us to test the results of this integration.If integration is a kind of exploration in mechanism, then in the past decade, League of Legends esports is more important to build an outward identity.In 2021, we have gradually sorted out a value evaluation system of esports. League of Legends undoubtedly has the most basic means of continuous influence, and it is also constantly bringing out the old and learning from the new, leading in a more positive direction.When the emotions generated during the game finally materialize as a kind of identity that can be described, both the event and the club and the players have the possibility of measuring value.In the interview, Jin Yibo also mentioned building the audience’s sense of identity with LPL, which he described as a sense of pride accumulated over time.From 2013 to 2022, League of Legends esports has left a linear path on the timeline to this day, rather than specks of light.Jin yibo described the long line of cultivation as a moving train.Node at a time, the audience may be in taicang starting station, the bus in hangzhou huanglong stadium because of the work and study, to leave a period of time, but when once again when they meet again in Shanghai pudong football fields, each person good memories has been saved in the car, find their own position, set out again,It’s still possible to meet these like-minded friends again.The magazine did a cover feature on the league of Legends audience from around ’85 through’ 05.When an event serves audiences beyond the age of 20, we see the imprint of different stages of growth on these programs as parts of what has become a lasting memory and what is becoming a new emotion come together.For the vast majority of esports, ten years of glory is already a difficult achievement, but Jin Yibo wants to make league of Legends esports and IP have a long-term influence, he hopes to be like the Premier League, can be grandpa with grandson into the league of Legends arena.If that sense of identity can be sustained, then other products, if not League of Legends, with their IP and values, can do just as well.In the course of the interview, Jin yibo also mentioned a very interesting understanding, he highlighted the concept that is in front of everyone, but we often ignore: the copyright owner of LPL, and the organization he is the CEO of is called Tengjin Sports.Why emphasize this concept, because in fact, in the esports industry, there are very few event companies, clubs, or other services directly in the name of a sports company.The name of Tengjin Sports is more like a gesture to get out of the past and into it.Behind “Sports,” Jin said, “We talk to some sports people and they may not think [esports] counts.There are several reasons. First, esports are definitely competitive, but are you physical?Is there education, is the component of education?I think physical is debatable. Do you have enough?I don’t think our original ingredients really stand out.In the past, we emphasized competition. Next, we should do something about education.”Based on this starting point, we have gradually seen changes in the public cognition of LPL in the last two years.Organize the certification and examination of club staff, design more abundant sports concept construction, form the concept of sports in the work from the players who enter the youth training camp to the staff who participate in the event organization and management.With the accumulation of time, both the images of players displayed on the screen and the system behind the operation of the league are changing into standardized sports.Ultimately, Jin wants viewers to truly level the perception gap between LEAGUE of Legends and other sports.Jin Yibo e-sports for twenty years, has already done, he felt that if to spend ten years time, the audience see the enterprising spirit and supporting system of systems science, abundant of national pride, so when people mention of e-sports, not aware of what is the difference between it and other sports, is a member of numerous sports in general, maybe his desire to achieve.