Central Meteorological Observatory: cold air will affect the northeast and southwest areas of precipitation continued

2022-05-22 0 By

Temperatures in most parts of China continue to rise recently, which can be said to be warm.However, from today to 6th, a strong cold air will affect northeast China and other places, bringing strong winds, cooling, rain and snow. The warming will be interrupted briefly.In the next three days, under the influence of cold air, most of Inner Mongolia, North China, northeast China and northern Huanghuai will see a temperature drop of 4~8℃.Among them, today and tomorrow, the above areas will have south to north winds of 4~6, gusts of 7~9.Meteorological experts warned that in the next 10 days, most areas of north China and northeast China will see strong winds and high temperatures, and the forest and grassland fire risk meteorological level will be high.Pay attention to the fire safety in the field when you go out on qingming Festival or outing.The rain will continue in Tibet and southwest China for the next three days, but the intensity will weaken significantly from tomorrow.The forecast shows light to moderate snow or sleet in the eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau today.Meteorological experts have warned that parts of northwest Yunnan and southeast Xizang should be on guard against geological disasters caused by precipitation in the next three days due to continuous rain.(Original title “National Meteorological Observatory: Cold air will Affect precipitation in Northeast China and Southwest China”)