“Dr. Wong narrated Hong Kong 5” Falling red is not a heartless thing

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Last night, the strong monsoon blew the prayer flags on the terrace like lit firecrackers “crackling”, the wind poured into the room with the window, the wind has made me feel the late Tang dynasty poet Xu Hun’s “coming rain full building” mood.Check the tiantai weather forecast to see the northern monsoon moving southward along the coast, with rain and cooling in the late night.After lunch, follow pok Fu Lam Reservoir and head for Lok Kit Road on a mountain road covered with wind-blown leaves, fertilized by rain.In fact, this is another poem written by Gong Zizhen, a poet in the Qing Dynasty: “Falling red is not a heartless thing.The monsoon in spring sweeps away the decaying leaves on the trees, and the spring rain moistens and becomes fertilizer, preserving the trees that once gave him life. This is the way of nature.Spring, summer, fall and winter go round and round.Fallen leaves and new buds complete the cycle of trees.People should follow the path of nature.Man, in front of nature so small, life can not even grow longer than a tree.Hong Kong people have no regrets or complaints. They have prepared their own medicine, isolated themselves, cured themselves and comforted themselves… This is also following the Tao.Line mountain taciturn thinking, is the best thought space, see a scene a thing occasionally feel, write what I think.As the saying goes, “Before rain, the toon sprouts are as tender as silk; after rain, they grow wood.”Whenever I see Chinese toon listed, I know that “Guyu Jun” is coming.There are two things that most remind me of childhood.One is Teresa Teng’s singing;Another is the Chinese toon, which is like a vinyl record track, etched in my mind.Singing hands can be raised;Chinese toon, if a season is a flash in the pan, really rare.Hong Kong has been with me through decades of chaos, but it is now in full ruins, making my life sad.However, my cooking skills have improved in the gate. Today, pancake and egg fried Chinese toon were playing Teresa Teng’s song “Let my heart surround you (1980)”, which suddenly fell into the long river of memories……Article/Wang Yunfeng (Hong Kong) original photo/Wang Yunfeng photo # Spring Life Punching season #