Holiday skiing is very popular

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During the Spring Festival, xiaoyi Caoxi River Happy City launched a series of colorful tourism products and activities.The holiday tourism market presents a trend of high-quality tourism products, experiential festival activities, and refined management services, which makes amusement projects and ice and snow leisure Tours popular among tourists and drives the growth of tourism consumption.”I am busy with my work, so I can adjust my mood and welcome the New Year with a good attitude while feeling the fun of skiing during the holidays.”Jiexiu city ski enthusiasts Mr. Li said.During the “Two Festivals”, the ski resort of Xiaoyi City Caoxi River Joy city is covered with snow.Snowboarders shuttle back and forth on the slopes, challenging the speed of snow and ice, and the whole ski resort becomes a sea of joy.Jin Wanxiang, director of caoxi River Fun City, said the resort has seen more tourists since the Spring Festival, with about 4,000 to 5,000 visitors a day.In terms of security, joy City has increased security officers and coaches;In terms of epidemic prevention and control, policies such as one-sweep, two-look, flow restriction and one-meter noodle should be strictly implemented, and tourists should register for temperature measurement, and ski facilities halls and equipment should be disinfected every day.The parking lot at the gate of xiaoyi Caoxi River Joy City was full of self-driving cars, and tourists lined up to enter in an orderly sweep code.It is reported that the current xiaoyi Caoxi River ski resort covers an area of 80,000 square meters, the entire slide is 160 meters long and 100 meters wide.Maximum drop of 300 meters, a total of 12 degrees of primary ski, 15 degrees of intermediate ski and 22 degrees of advanced ski, can accommodate 2500 people skiing snow, is the largest ski resort in the province.Liu Jianchao, a taiyuan resident, and his family set out early in the morning by car and arrived at caoxi River ski resort after an hour’s drive. The family spent a happy day in ice and snow sports.”In the past weekends and holidays, most of them were spent at home. This holiday, when the family was free, we came to the largest ski resort in the province to experience it. It is also an opportunity for children to exercise their body and temper their will.”Liu jianchao said.At the ski resort, high school junior slopes and practice ranges thronged with skiers of all ages, some staggering with the help of instructors, some groping, some gliding freely down the slopes.”Driven by the influence of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the number of people who like ice sports is increasing day by day.The staff in charge of the order said that we have all kinds of rides in the park, such as the net red glass bridge, the net red roller coaster, the brave climbing peak, the jumping cloud and all kinds of slide combinations.”We have done everything to prepare for the holiday rush.Is to hope that tourists can play comfortable play at ease.In the evening, visitors can also enjoy the light show of Caoxi River Happy City, colorful ‘northern lights’, induction of the’ tumbler ‘fun, the shock of the jellyfish canopy belt, so that each visitors to the vast planet.Jin Wanxiang said.(Feng Kaizhi)