How is back chill to return a responsibility?Don’t be superstitious. It’s mostly related to these health problems

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Have you ever had a chill on your back and hair standing on end?A lot of people have had similar situation in daily life, especially when they hear some horror stories or horror events, or when they watch horror films, this kind of reaction from vision and hearing, makes people’s back waves of chill, filar silk chill permeates from the heart.It is affected by some horror movies, when the symptoms of back chill, we always associate with superstition, and even began to fear, dare not look back.But the fact is that a cold back from a horror movie or a ghost story is a normal physiological reaction and not something to worry about.However, if you often feel cold back, it should be vigilant, it may be related to the following factors: 1, the impact of temperature there are a lot of people in order to perfect the show figure, even in the cold winter is very thin, especially some women like to wear some bare back clothes.Although today is the era of freedom of dressing, but also not as long as the style of temperature, in the cold temperature, wearing less, easy to appear back cold symptoms;2, the first point to explain kidney Yang deficiency is that kidney Yang deficiency is not the body of organic lesions, but the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, which is a manifestation of sub-health.In the view of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, the back of the human body is the convergence of Yang, if there is kidney Yang deficiency, patients may have back cold, cold sweat, lumbago and other symptoms;3, lack of iron in the past everyone stay lack of iron in the iron deficiency anemia, but the related research, according to a survey among women around the age of 25 to 50, nearly 40 ~ 60% are fatigue, listlessness, mood swings and other symptoms, some of these women are very afraid of the cold, this is the performance of low serum iron.Studies from the US have even suggested that women who are iron deficient have a lower body temperature and produce about 13 per cent less heat than normal women, making them more susceptible to the cold and the risk of back chills.4. The main value of hypothyroidism is to control the rate at which the body uses energy, to produce protein, and to regulate the body’s sensitivity to other hormones.Thyroid hormone can promote body metabolism and promote the normal operation of REDOX reaction.Hypothyroidism is a metabolic disease in which thyroid hormone production and production are reduced.After the secretion of thyroid hormone is greatly reduced, its physiological effect is insufficient and the body metabolism will be reduced.Patients can appear pale, memory and power decline, bradycardia, digestive abnormalities and other symptoms.In severe cases, patients will also have chills, hypothermia and other symptoms, or even the body temperature is below 35℃, may appear the whole body cold, cold back and other symptoms.All in all, often feel cold back, is not the so-called ghost, we should first from their own reasons.See if the temperature is low, wearing too little clothing, or the recent decrease in exercise, the body is in a state of sub-health.Then make adjustments in those areas to see if the symptoms improve.If the symptoms persist and are accompanied by other physical problems, such as frequent feeling of fatigue, drowsiness and dizziness during your period, it could be a sign that the disease has found its way.At this point, you should seek medical treatment in time for relevant examination, in the diagnosis of the cause of the disease, start targeted conditioning or treatment.