How much salary a month can I afford to drive a car for 300,000 yuan?Did you measure up?

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For many young people, buying a house and buying a car has basically become a major event in life, especially for many young men, only when they solve the problem of buying a house and buying a car can they solve their lifelong event.With the improvement of the current economic level, the economic conditions of the vast majority of people are getting better and better, and there are not a few people who can afford to buy a house and a car. Even if it is not a full purchase, people can also buy a car through loans.Compared with the house, the price of the car is much cheaper, of course, if you have to compare the class of very good cars and ordinary houses, there is no comparison.Usually, the price of a house is higher than the price of a car, so many people will take buying a car as the current choice when they realize the goal of buying a house and a car.For many people, the car is more able to show their identity, if their car’s grade is higher, they can also make themselves more face in the circle of friends.So how much salary does it take to drive a 300,000 yuan car?Did you measure up?Most people who can afford a house can afford a car, but people who can afford a car can not afford a house, even if the area of the house is small and the price is cheap again, at least hundreds of thousands of starting, and now many cars only need tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy down.But many people think buying a car is a better way to show their wealth than buying a house, especially if the car is more valuable and makes them look good.In the eyes of many people, the person who can afford to drive a car worth 300,000 yuan is a person with relative strength.However, it is still very difficult for most people to buy a 300,000 yuan car, at least many young people can’t afford such a car without parental support.Generally speaking, people with better family conditions, their parents may buy a car worth 300,000 yuan in full, but they must ensure their salary level is more than 3,000 yuan to ensure the monthly vehicle maintenance and refueling costs.That is to say, his salary must have at least 6000 yuan, in order not to stretch out a hand to parents for money under the circumstances, to support themselves, but also to support the car.In recent years, people are affected by the idea of advanced consumption, many people will choose to buy a house and a car by loan. After all, not all people can come up with so much money to buy a car at a time, so many people will buy in this way in order to let themselves buy a car early.And people can choose a lot of installment payment, can according to 50% down payment to buy a car, can also according to 30% down payment to buy a car, for many people, may choose to buy a car with zero down payment, but everyone knows that zero down payment to buy a car actually costs more later.If you buy a car with a 50% down payment, the loan interest is generally 6%. But if you buy a car with a zero down payment, the loan interest is generally calculated at 15%. If you buy a car with 300,000 yuan, the pressure of the later period of zero down payment is much higher than the 50% down payment.Similarly, according to the calculation of a car worth 300,000 yuan, the annual interest of buying a car with zero down payment is about 45,000 yuan, and according to the 50% down payment to buy a car, after paying 150,000 yuan down payment, there are 150,000 yuan obtained through loans, according to the 6% interest rate, the average annual interest is 39,000 yuan.Many people say that being able to buy a car doesn’t necessarily mean being able to drive it, because there are all kinds of costs that come with owning a car, such as maintenance, insurance, gas and so on.And for the higher the price of the car, the maintenance cost is also very high, a year down, at least to spend 5000 yuan, in addition, some parts of the car also need to be replaced regularly, and also need to buy parking space, large and small money to spend, almost a year on the car to spend nearly twenty thousand yuan.With the monthly loan, the monthly expenditure on the car will reach nearly 5,000 yuan, so with all kinds of miscellaneous expenses, 6,000 yuan a month may not be enough to meet all my expenses, or even higher.Nowadays, there are more and more automobile brands, and people have more and more choices. Moreover, as a means of transportation, they can choose domestic brands as much as possible when buying a car.With the improvement of domestic technology, the quality of many vehicles is very good, what’s more, the country will give corresponding subsidies, there is no need to let oneself bear a very heavy pressure to buy a high price car loan.Now there are many ways of installment payment, no matter what kind of installment payment way to choose, can not choose zero down payment to buy a car as far as possible, because usually, all the zero down payment under the economic pressure will be very large.