In 2021, the GDP of 16 cities in Shandong will exceed 1 trillion yuan. Weifang is close to Yantai, and Jining ranks sixth

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Shandong, as a big economic province, we think this “big brother” is worth learning from!Why do you say that?We all know that balanced regional development is very important, now shandong’s urban development is very balanced, especially the coordinated development of large and medium-sized cities and the comprehensive ability between counties have been improved!In 2021, The balanced development of Shandong will take the lead again, making its own strength expand rapidly, and the annual economic aggregate will reach 8 trillion yuan.We believe that this is a new starting point for Shandong, with a higher foundation!In addition, in 2021, shandong’s general public budget revenue also reached 728.45 billion yuan, and the total retail sales of social consumer goods exceeded 3 trillion yuan!All these data mean that Shandong’s development momentum is getting stronger and stronger. In fact, Shandong has the “5+5” top ten industries. In 2022, shandong will continue to focus on the transformation of old and new driving forces and continue to make efforts!If we only look at the GDP of shandong’s 16 cities in 2021, what can we find?Obviously, the two core cities in sight are Qingdao and Jinan. The GDP of these two cities has exceeded 100 billion yuan. As an ordinary city, Qingdao’s development is also enviable, with the total amount far ahead in the province.In addition, Jining ranked sixth, in the upper and middle levels!We need to pay attention to the rise of Weifang, 2021 economic speed is fast, the most eye-catching!2020 is more special, Weifang GDP is only 587.22 billion yuan, now Weifang directly skipped 600 billion yuan of magnitude, smoothly into the 700 billion, absolutely have the strength of promotion “trillion club”!Simply speaking, with the current growth level of Weifang, has begun to approach Yantai.