In north Korea, family dinners are not the same as those in high-end hotels

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Do koreans celebrate Spring Festival?This question is for sure, since ancient times, people in the Countries of the Korean Peninsula under the influence of Chinese culture have been celebrating the Spring Festival. Among them, some people are dissatisfied that the Spring Festival is monopolized by South Korean netizens, while others believe that North Koreans are eating the Spring Festival.The Lunar New Year (Spring Festival), Dragon Boat Festival and Autumn Party (Chuseok) are the “three major folk festivals”. In 1967, the traditional folk festivals “eradicating the remnants of feudalism” disappeared in North Korea, and then in 1989, these folk festivals resumed.The custom of the first lunar month is included in north Korea’s intangible cultural heritage.Know Chinese tourists is busy, during the New Year, clever north koreans launched a variety of tourist routes, such as Pyongyang’s fireworks performance, horse ridge ski, the collective dance performance, jade May Day stadium flow of cold food and so on someone to north Korea’s New Year, feeling the amorous feelings, we mainly to see new north koreans eat what today.Ordinary North Korean New Year to family gatherings, few colleagues held a banquet between each other, dinner, mainly at home, do not go to the hotel.When dining together, people mainly eat, drinking is decoration, on the table, less vegetarian dishes, big fish and meat is the hardest dish, which is completely different from the low-fat, low-calorie, high-protein diet trend we advocate, it is estimated that fresh vegetables are less, and the price is high, of course, a large number of pickles make up for the lack of vegetables.Rallies against the superior, and we have jade pavilion hotel, mount kumgang, koryo hotel, etc., barbecue came running to the diner is not here, we take the jade hall flow for example, including ethnic food restaurant here, turtle restaurant, barbecue restaurant, quail cuisine restaurant, sturgeon restaurant, pizza, salad, the world famous cuisine restaurant, only a sturgeon,There are more than 10 kinds of dishes.Specialties at these upscale hotels include sauteed crab matsutake, roasted wild sesame beef, mustard braised rainbow trout, frozen eel, mushroom braised with pine needles and more.Of course, whether it’s a family dinner or a fancy hotel, north Korean cooking is indispensable during the lunar New Year. This dish was listed as the National intangible cultural heritage of North Korea in 2016. North Korean tour guides boast that “we invented this dish”, and this dish is teokguk soup.Rice cake soup is also called “tian Sui cake”, North Koreans like white, very beautiful, traditional rice cake soup, only cooked into white rice cake soup, from the first day of the New Year, it means clean, clear heart.Since ancient times, there has been a custom of eating rice cake soup on New Year’s Day in North Korea. Rice cake soup is the best food for guests at home. It is essential to cook rice cake on New Year’s day.Although it is called rice cake soup, the ingredients in the soup vary from person to person. At yanggak Island Hotel, where Chinese tourists stay, the New Year’s rice cake soup is mainly rice cake, vegetables and tomatoes.General rice cake soup of north Korean people, including rice, rice cakes, kimchi, kimchi juice, etc., there are very few fresh vegetables, after all, north Korea, winter vegetables is rare, we visit the outskirts of Pyongyang, three hundred will spring and other cooperative farm production of greenhouse vegetables are mainly supplied to the upper family, ordinary people can’t buy.The soup is made of pheasant meat, green leaves, red tomato slices, laver, green Onions, egg strips, shredded beef, shredded chicken, etc. The soup is thick, and kimchi juice is added according to your preference.