Manchester United are on the list twice!Who has had the most red and yellow cards in English football since 2010?

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With a long history, English football has accumulated numerous causes and consequences. Many clubs are constantly festering with each other. When they face their old rivals, they usually play exciting matches.Sportbible has looked at the most red and yellow cards in English football since 2010. The double red Derby, once known as the National Derby, is not the most red and yellow, but someone else. The London Derby is the most red and yellow and the most intense match since 2010.Since 2010, Arsenal and Tottenham have faced off 23 times in the Premier League, resulting in 286 fouls and 52 yellow and 2 red issues.Averaging 12.3 fouls and 2 yellow cards per game may not seem high, but it is rare to sustain such a rate for a long time.The history of Arsenal and Tottenham goes back a hundred years. They have robbed north London of territory, title, fans and everything in history.The double reds are one of the premier League’s most famous matchups, with 283 fouls and 53 yellow cards and two red cards in 23 league games.In recent years, with the retirement of class 92, shuanghonghui has become less popular than in its history, and the frequency of conflicts and confrontations has also decreased.As a canal feud has become known in the media, Ferguson’s claim that his greatest achievement was to bring Liverpool down speaks volumes.Even before Mansour came to Manchester City, even when United still dominated the Premier League, Manchester City would never surrender against Manchester United. They often played well against Manchester United, and Manchester Derby matches were usually big scores.United even needed Michael Owen’s winning goal to beat City at one point.Manchester Derby penalised 276 fouls and issued 48 yellow cards and three red cards in 23 Premier League encounters.Manchester Derby has a long history. City of aristocrats and Manchester United of railway workers have prospered by accepting Manchester City’s players, but a city has only one boss.Liverpool are often jealous of everton’s Merseyside rivals, their enemy is their friend, and everton have historically been close to United.There were 263 fouls and 40 yellow cards in Liverpool’s 23 league games against Everton, with no red cards being courtesy of the referee.The home ground of Liverpool was everton’s home ground. It can be said that Liverpool was born from Everton football club, because there was only everton on Merseyside for the first time in its history.Cardiff City and Swansea are not English teams, they are Welsh and they have both played together in the Premier League.The two sides have met nine times in the Premier League since 2010, with 127 fouls, 19 yellow cards and one red card issued in nine games.