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On March 31, 2022 (Beijing time), Nintendo has released the latest official promo video for Nintendo Switch Sports, a motion-sensing game that will be released on April 29.The game will include volleyball, badminton, bowling, soccer, fencing and tennis, and can be played offline for up to four players and online for up to eight players using joy-Con, which is held in your hand or strapped to your leg.In addition to the six Sports mentioned above, Golf will be added to Nintendo Switch Sports in an expected fall update.A generation ago, Nintendo released Wii Sports, a motion-sensing game, on its Wii console in 2006 and later bundled with the console.This multi-player sports game played on the same screen with the Wii Remote control set off a wave of motion games all over the world once it was launched. Even many people who were not interested in the game could easily play with their family and friends on the same screen happily.Wii Sports includes five Sports — tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing — and has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide.Then in 2009, Nintendo released Wii Sports Resort, a sequel that expanded the number of Sports players could play to 12.Maybe this is the charm of old games, the graphics are not very good, but it is full of fun to play, and can be a family fun to promote the feelings of family and friends.Back in this generation, the Switch’s left and right detachable Joy-Con design gives it an inherent advantage in motion-sensing gaming.From the current announcement of the promotional film, volleyball can hold a joy-Con in one hand, complete the serve, catch and spike three kinds of action, offline play support up to 4 people with the same screen play (need 4 joy-Con), online mode can have up to 2 people team with other players.Badminton supports a maximum of 2 players, playing single on the same screen or online with other players. Currently, badminton doubles mode is not supported.Bowling lanes will be designed with various obstacles to improve the difficulty and interest of players.Up to 4 players can play offline, and up to 16 players can play online.Football consists of two game modes: team game and shooting game. The former can support up to 4 Vs 4 (2 players form a team or each controls a team), while the latter requires the use of the physical version of the game to attach a Joy-Con to the thigh to shoot the action.Fencing allows up to 2 players to fight against each other, and they can choose from 3 kinds of swords (including double swords). Swinging joy-Con, they can swing and defend, and they can win by knocking the opponent out of the field.Tennis is similar to badminton but can be played in doubles or mixed doubles by up to 4 players.Players can change the way they hold joy-Con to hit topspin or backspin, and support for doubles will make for more fun.Shall not be reproduced without authorization