Preview: Valencia v Barcelona, Inter milan v Sassuolo, Real Betis v mallorca

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How it’s been: Traditionally a mid-table contender in La Liga, Valencia have suffered a precipitous decline since last season, with poor efficiency at the defensive end.With a high rate of conceding goals, valencia is one of the worst defensive teams in la Liga and is now at the bottom of the league because of this.The main task for the future is to avoid relegation.To avoid further damage from relegation to serie B.How Barca is doing: As one of the best teams in La Liga, barca used to be able to play against teams like Valencia, but now barca is experiencing its worst slump in more than a decade.Fortunately, after a winter window, Barca brought in Traore and ferran torres, as well as Aubameyang, and the hardware has improved significantly.Barca are now back in the champions League with 39 points.The most important task for Barca is to collect as many points as possible in la Liga and defend their position as a top club.This game: good barca away win!Inter milan VS Sassuolo in Serie AIn a champions league knockout on the serie a leaders inter milan 2-0 home defeat to Liverpool, although the overall performance of inter well, but in the face of the team like Liverpool, inter are still exposed a lot of problems, bench hardness is not enough, lead to inter cannot keep perfect condition throughout the match, second half will undoubtedly give competitors,Inter will need to improve their stamina in order to retain their serie A title.Sassuolo: currently 12th in Serie A, sassuolo used to be bottom of the league and has long been a fixture in Italy’s second division.Sassuolo’s advantage is that they are very sharp in attack, with 41 goals in their last 25 games, a figure that is already on a par with some of the other European teams, so inter should not be taken too lightly.The field: look good on inter milan to defend home!Real Betis VS Mallorca Real Betis how it’s been: In the last two seasons, real Betis have gone from being in the lower half of La Liga to being in the Champions League.They are currently four points ahead of fourth-placed Barcelona, which is no mean feat.Last season they managed to get a Europa League ticket and this season they will be aiming for a champions League ticket and if their current form continues there will be no problem getting there.In the last game against Zenit in the Europa League, there is also good news that fekiel, the main midfielder, will be back for the match.Mallorca’s status: promoted to La Liga with Espanyol, mallorca are performing as expected and are currently 15th in the league, almost out of the relegation zone.From the past match situation, Mallorca is slow to heat up, in the face of real Betis fierce attack, I am afraid it is ominous.Match: Real Betis expected to win easily!