Why is bath oil more recommended for 40-year-old women, for 1 reason, to ease dry and aging skin

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Article/xiao Choo Hi, everyone, I am Xiao Choo, to help you correct the mistake of becoming beautiful, the correct start of your journey to become beautiful ~ bath oil this product for most people may still be relatively strange, but we also rise in our country for a period of time.However, a lot of people will think that there is no difference between bath lotion and bath oil, and even see its name with the word “oil”, will worry about bath oil after washing easy greasy, not foaming, feeling washed not clean.In fact, this is not to find the right method and there is a certain rejection of bath oil, and bath oil is more suitable for a 40-year-old woman than shower gel, why say so?Xiao Choo will issue an issue about bath oil today, and tell us why it is better to recommend 40-year-old women to use bath oil.Our body skin and facial skin are the same, with the growth of age, environmental influence and other factors, resulting in dry skin, collagen loss, peeling, lack of water lock ability, etc..Especially after the age of 40, our skin is more likely to fall into a dry state. Once the body is dehydrated, it can become dry and itchy, sensitive, scaly and even chicken skin in the same way as facial skin.The elasticity of the skin will also decline, the body will also appear small lines and flabby state, and the lack of water in the skin makes the color of skin look dim and lackluster, without a sense of elasticity.So in addition to moisturizing, what we need to do is to reduce the loss of water to the skin and address the root cause of the problem.And bath oil is opposite to bath dew to be able to raise skin more, bath oil is given priority to with grease, surface active agent is auxiliary, clean train of thought with discharge makeup oil is still very similar.The surfactant in the bath oil will also be more oil-loving, and then blend with the oily emollient to achieve the cleaning effect.Most of the oils in the bath oil are mainly vegetable oils, which will be more mild and safe to use, not easy to bring extra burden to the skin, and will not take away too much water on the body.After cleaning, it will also form a thin protective film on the skin, which can bring moisturizing skin feeling to the body without bringing dryness, and can also lock up the moisture in the skin, avoiding the skin dehydration and accelerating the signs of skin aging.Because bath oil will have a certain degree of moisture, even if the follow-up does not apply body milk will also let the skin have a sense of moisture, not easy to have dry, water shortage feeling.This is great for those who don’t like to wear body lotion, and will save you a lot of time during the evening.Another advantage of bath oil is that it can remove sun protection from the body, which is difficult to achieve with shower gel.02 How to use bath oil to see the benefits of using bath oil, then there must be sisters will have questions, how to use bath oil?Will it have bubbles?It is used in the same way as a shower gel, and bath oil can also lather, but it does not contain a lot of surfactant, foam is not abundant.But we can have the aid of a tool to come auxiliary bath oil blister, buy a bath flower, sponge is ok.When using, squeeze some bath oil onto the sponge and rub it for a while to create a rich and dense foam.Of course, if the foam does not have special requirements of the sisters, you can also apply bath oil directly on the body rub, and remove makeup.This way of using it will also give it some foam, just not as much as the shower gel and AIDS.Sisters can not ignore the body care, the skin of the body and face as important, especially 40+ sisters, more need to pay attention to skin maintenance, do not over clean accelerated skin dry aging.So that’s it for today. If you want to see anything, you can leave a message in the comments section.This is Choo Fashion, a we-media account that shares clothes and skincare in a correct and effective way.Welcome to follow and correct all your misconceptions on the way to beauty.Statement: this article choo fashion original, figure source network, if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you.