Yellow shirt woman and Xie Xun unknown, why help Zhang Wuji save Xie Xun?Or something to do with Shesson’s master

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Although the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “the story of the close connection with the giant, but the time background of the two works is actually quite for nearly a century, the first appearance in the role of in addition to a zhang sanfeng, other are dead, and Yang guo and xiao longnv seems to be left no descendants, but the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record” in the yellow woman’s appearance seems to be denied the claim.Female co-stars (yellow) yellow woman appears, is actually somewhat abrupt, at least on the face of it belongs to god “machine down”, is used to advance the plot tool, also because of this, yellow female body left a lot of mysteries, such as she said her ancestors origin, with gai help gai is reasonable, but why she wanted to help zhang mowgli save golden lion king?It seems to lack a reasonable explanation.A, yellow female and Zhang Wuji yellow female several times debut with Zhang Wuji, the first time is in the Gai gang captured Zhou Zhi if after she appeared to help Zhang Wuji resolve a crisis.Yellow woman and zhang mowgli is first met, two people dialogue but seem to be some “romantic”, the original way: “the beautiful yellow eyes, like two cold electricity, all across the hall, finally stop in zhang mowgli face, cold tunnel:” a leader, you age is not small, serious business, but here it is nonsense.’There was a touch of reproach in these words, but they were spoken as kindly as an elder sister lecturing her younger brother.”If there were any other cool articles on the Internet, this would lead people to think that Jin Yong wanted to include her in Zhang’s love interest. Actually, it’s not true. There is no love between the two, and the yellow shirt’s “teachings” to Zhang are only minor.By tu lion meeting, from the point of tooling, zoroastrianism founder zhang mowgli, belongs to the evil, thank sun is the evil devil, yellow woman as an ancient tomb parties, how is decent, even if she doesn’t help the week zhi if, should not deal with week zhi if, instead, to save thank sun, especially she also said such a word to thank sun.According to the original work, “Although Xie Xun could not see anything in his eyes, he could hear everything around him very clearly. He came forward and bowed and said, ‘The girl saved my father and my son, and felt great virtue.If the girl zhou does not repent and does more unrighteousness, she will have her day.Begging the girl to spare her for the day.’The woman in the yellow shirt said,’ How quickly the Golden Lion repents!'” She said sarcastically.It’s hard not to think she had something to do with Him.Who is the father of the woman in the yellow shirt?According to the book, Shi hongshi referred to the woman in the yellow shirt as “Elder Sister Yang”. She was of course a descendant of Yang Guo, but she could never be Yang Guo’s daughter, as her age is emphasized in the book.The original work says: “Amidst the melodious music, I slowly walked into a woman in a light yellow gown, carrying a girl of 12 or 13 years old in her left hand.She was a woman of twenty-six or seven years of age, very handsome and beautiful, but her face was so pale that there was no color at all.”(Yang Guo still photo) Yellow dress girl but 26 or 27 years old, if she is Yang Guo’s daughter, that Yang Guo is not nearly 100 years old before she was born?Obviously not reasonable, and yellow woman face bloodless, this point and xiaolongnu are exactly the same, so there is only one explanation, yellow woman is Yang Guo’s grandchildren, is his granddaughter.That is to say, the father of the yellow shirt woman is Yang Guo’s son, a role that does not appear, but what does this have to do with Xie Xun?It’s easy. The answer is in the serial.In the serial version of the story, Cheng Kun is not the only master of Xie Xun. In addition to Cheng Kun, there is another high man who once passed on martial arts skills to Xie Xun. The man’s name is unknown, but he is only referred to as a “hermit of all rivers and rivers”.That is the serial version of the original twenty-second time, the young Zhang Wuji actually won he Laosan this adult, his moves to the side of yu Lianzhou amazed, after the inquiry, that Zhang Wuji is used is gaigong dragon dragon 18 palms, as for the source of this god, Zhang Wuji is so said.Original work way: “my adoptive father said, this is wu Lin long lost palm method, called” dragon 18 palms “!…My adopted father told me that he could only get three out of the eighteen palms, and that he had learned them from a hermit, but he thought there was something wrong with the change, and that the hermit had missed the real secret.”That is to say, Xie Xun inherited the eighteen palms of the dragon from a high man, and then passed the magic power to the young Zhang Wuji.But who was the hermit to whom he owed credit?Might as well take a look at the wulin before the dragon 18 palms of the people who have.Hong Qigong, Guo Jing, Ye Law Qi are dead, can contact the people of this martial arts should only one, that is Yang Guo.Yang Guo in “Condor Heroes” did not give Guo Jing xuantienjian, presumably this story is happening in “Condor Heroes” after the end, it is also that meet, Guo Jing is very likely to fall dragon eighteen palm passed to Yang Guo, and Yang Guo only one arm, nature can not be the palm law practice to the extreme.After that, Yang Guo passed on the merit to his son. His son was not as talented as he was, so it was reasonable that he could not learn the secret part.And Yang guo why the son of a dragon 18 zhangs to thank sun, presumably because the thank sun is indeed a can be made of the material, after all, the book repeatedly stressed during temper big change both thank sun is actually a mild-mannered man mo, do not care, and ancient tomb parties did not actively participate in wulin events, then the son of Yang guo thank sun biography work in the dark,The idea was to get Him to punish criminals, but when something happened to Him and he became a villain, he didn’t expect that.Perhaps because of the existence of this relationship, the yellow woman will rescue and their own “nothing” Xie Xun, after all, that is her father’s disciples, which can be disposed of by others.