Yue Feng said trademark: 35 types of trademarks in the end need to register, read this article will understand!

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I believe that many friends in the registration of trademarks will be a recommendation of the agency, is to suggest that we go to the registration of 35 types of trademarks, 35 types of trademarks it is a universal trademark.35 classes every enterprise needs to register the trademark, the trademark we would not be performed if there is no 35 products sales or advertising, what about some 35 class trademark agency said some of the comments is right, do it today to say with you before about 35 kind of trademark, we must first know 45 categories in total is divided into two parts.What are those two parts?Categories 1 to 34 are goods trademarks, which are trademarks applied to goods, and 35 to 45 are service trademarks, which are trademarks applied to services.So the 35 category is in the service trademark. As the name implies, the service trademark is the trademark needed to provide services for others. What is the service provided by others?Such as our company want to advertise for a advertising company, we pay the corresponding cost, the advertising company to advertise to us, then the process is advertising company provides advertising services for us, this is to provide services for others, this time by advertising company need to register the brand, is in a class of 35 3501 advertising campaign.Let me talk about other services, such as tourism services. When we go out to travel with a travel company, what the travel company provides for us is tourism services. In the process of enjoying the whole service, we have no goods, and what we receive is the service they provide for us.So let’s think about it, enterprises to sell their own products, to advertise for themselves, then we need to register 35 categories?Certainly there is no need to register 35 class trademarks, we are not providing services for others, we just sell our own products.Even if we do advertising, it is the advertising company to advertise for us, the advertising company provided us with advertising services, we did not provide advertising services for others, so now some of the agency said about the 35 class of some remarks is not any legal basis.So under what circumstances do enterprises need to register 35 types of trademarks, let’s focus on 35 types of trademarks, 3502 business administration auxiliary industry franchise business management this one, what is franchise business management, put it bluntly is franchise and agent, if the enterprise has franchisees and agents,Then provide franchise and agency services for franchisees and agents and carry out unified management, so the enterprise needs to register 35 types of trademarks at this time, because we are providing franchise and agency services for others.Here is the end of my share, if you do not understand the trademark problem, pay attention to the public number trademark registration Yue Feng, one to one for you to answer.