Cattle!Twice behind twice equaliser, The Chinese women’s football team anti-japanese success, sonorous roses blooming South Asia continent

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Beijing, Feb. 4, 2022 (Xinhua) — China’s women’s football team rallied twice to defeat Japan in a penalty shootout in the semifinals of the Asian Women’s Cup, reaching the Final of the Asian Cup, showing the charm of roses and blooming in the South Asian subcontinent. This is what we want to see Chinese football.China’s women’s national football team clinched World Cup qualification ahead of schedule with a 3-1 comeback win over Vietnam in the quarterfinals.Against Japan in the semifinal, against the former world No. 1, Chinese women will fight for honor and fight for Chinese football without any pressure.With China’s top star Wang Shuang sidelined due to a sprained ankle, Shui Qingxia fielded a defension-focused starting line-up, with Wang Shanshan as the captain, and Japan’s women’s soccer team was ready to win the championship.In the 26th minute of the first half, Japan made a perfect counterattack with miyazawa Isada’s cross from the left of the front court and Riko Ueki’s head shot in the penalty area to put China 1-0 down.In the first 45 minutes, the Chinese women’s football team did not have a shot hit the woodwork range, possession rate was only 25 percent, the scene was completely passive.However, just one minute into the second half, The Chinese women’s soccer team equalized, xiao Yuyi lofted a pass from the left baseline, wu Chengshu from the front of the small penalty area followed up with a shot to make it 1-1.Regular game time, the two teams 1-1 tie, into extra time.The Japanese women took the lead again with a free-kick in front near the end of the first half of extra time, with Riko Uechi heading twice.In the final moments of the second half of extra time, Wang Shanshan scored China’s second equaliser of the game after zhang Xin’s 45-degree cross from the left was masterstroke from the left.In the penalty shootout, The Japanese women’s soccer team took the lead in taking the penalty.Since then, although Zhang Xin also kicked the penalty kick in the first time, but Zhang Rui, Yang Lina, Gao Chen three great will withstand the pressure, bite the score.In the crucial final round, Zhu Yu saved a crucial penalty kick against Long Zaiye and Wang Shanshan as the captain of the women’s soccer team completed a fatal blow!China beat Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout to reach the Final of the Asian Cup.Falling behind twice in the first half and the first half of extra time, but able to withstand the pressure to equalize the score twice, The Chinese women’s football team played its own style, sonorous roses blossomed perfectly in the South Asian subcontinent, this is the Chinese football we want to see!