EDG wins first loss!WBG front crush world champion, EDG upper Nakano is totally blown up!

2022-05-23 0 By

In the just-concluded LPL Spring tournament between EDG and WBG, WBG won the game with a 2-0 victory over EDG.The first EDG on the two road play is not good, st. gun brother’s male gun early died in a basic voice, has been in development.Scout’s card failed to get up to speed early on and gave up several heads, with EDG’s downfield being the only advantage.In the middle of the game, EDG’s advantage in the lower road could not support the gap between the upper and middle roads. In the middle of the game, IT was directly broken, and WBG won the first game.The second game was much simpler, with EDG basically getting crushed.Jiejie’s blind Monk level 5 went on a road trip and failed to kill Theshy’s Gwen, which was the beginning of EDG’s collapse.In the middle of both sides of the field, there is a huge gap in ability to do things. Sofm’s horse and horse run everywhere, and Jiejie’s blind monk has no voice.Theshy’s Gwen is invincible, lance’s Gator is not.The advantage gained in the next round was even smaller than the last one, so naturally there was no way to carry the game.WBG defeated EDG 2-0 to win the match.It was EDG’s first loss since winning the championship, but WBG is not a weak team, so it’s not hard to swallow.Looking back at the whole game, the first obvious gap between the two sides was BP, WBG’s BP was so good, gave TheShy Gwen, and then immediately banned Gwen’s Jace, the moment the hero was selected, the gap on the road was determined.As you can see, TheShy’s Gwen is so good that this hero is made for him. Other teams should consider ban for WBG.The second gap is obvious on the middle field three road, today EDG three players are obviously not in good condition.Scout had a big play in front of WBG in the first innings that was interrupted as soon as the move was revealed, giving away a head for nothing.SAN gun brother anti GANK consciousness some drop, on the line with W row bushes in the true eye.Jiejie is the operation of the problem, the middle of the second inning under the road he has the chance to kill a single spring, but the operation is a little bit urgent was spring away and so on.EDG today nakano three state of the big problem, this is the main reason to lose the game.Of course, EDG still has advantages, their downstream combination status is still online.Had it not been for the big disadvantage in the top half, Viper’s EZ would have had a lot of play space today and could have made WBG’s Jinx worthless, but unfortunately without that, Viper and Meiko could have been lying down to lose.There is nothing to say about WBG, everyone is in top form, otherwise there is no way to win such a crush, completely unable to find the Angle of the meeting, from BP to the player’s performance is impeccable, WBG is obviously the biggest dark horse of LPL this year.All in all, EDG’s loss to WBG is not a big upset because both teams have been there before, but their first loss is worth a lot of discussion.Congratulations to WBG, they played their limit in today’s match, as long as there is no program effect in the rest of the match, this season is sure to achieve a brilliant result, hope both sides continue to work hard.