Even if life has a thousand reasons to cry, you have to find ten thousand reasons to smile

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Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, people’s life there are always some unhappy things, so we always want to find some reasons to laugh out, such as reading a book, looking for some strength from the book, looking for some warmth.”The heavy rain, you want to hide” weak national motivational bestselling author forest tree, as a new media training supervisor, he many articles have been the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other well-known media reproduced, published best-selling and the hiding his luck “in your kindness” all of the world’s strong, in fact, all depends on the hard shoulder “” I dare to live into their favorite appearance”, etc.”There is heavy rain, you want to hide the weak” is a word warm and full of power to cure book, here we can read a lot of the author of the forest tree self-help articles, he always told us that although the adult world there is no “easy” 2 words, even if life have one thousand reasons to make you cry, we also want to take out ten thousand reasons to smile to the life.The rain in the world, you have to hide your weakness to find the title of the title of the text that story, the story of the man originally in a very good unit to work, but although he nine to five, work according to the rules, live their own life, but still can not escape a company downsizing.He tried his best and still got laid off.So he lost his job and began to look for work everywhere.But he was frustrated by the rejection of his job search and a sick child at home.So in order to make a living, he put down the shelf began to set up stalls, squeeze out time to make money, from the original life to come out, to adapt to this society.The author asked him, “Is it bitter?”He replied, “Of course it is, but when your back is against the wall, hard work is the only way to save the day.”Hide your weakness when the rain falls.From this story, the author let us understand, a lot of things, not we can not do, but we think there is a chance, still have a fluke psychology, really there is no retreat, will try to do.Therefore, the hero of this story gets better and starts his own business. As a result, his personal value has been greatly improved. At the same time, of course, he also gains wealth.From bank president to Delivery man A bank president turned delivery man, not to say the author felt deeply shocked when he saw such an interview, even I would feel so.So I’m going to write this story again.The bank president had lived a methodical life and was the envy of everyone.But when he got tired of the bank’s nine-to-five job, he quit and started a business with a friend.Starting a business was much more difficult, and because he didn’t know anything, he was sure to fail. Eventually, even the 2 million yuan he had saved went down the drain.If it was someone else, I don’t think they would have resigned.But he was different. He not only had to accept the drop, but he had to get back on his feet, so he started delivering food.The first month he became a single king, many young people are not his opponent, now he has been a station master.Previous failures had not knocked him down, but made him stronger and stronger.In the future, every one of us will not be knocked down by life as long as we don’t give up. Life will usher in miracles.Let alone underappreciated, you may be not enough to see the author of this sentence, I subconsciously began to reflect on myself, a lot of times they are not enough success, maybe it is not underappreciated, but not enough.It’s a good thing I’m introspective.Introspection is one’s precious wealth, which is also what the author tells us first in this passage.Because know introspection, will not shirk responsibility, will look for reasons on their own.The author tells the story of her cousin, who chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination after graduating from university. Although she worked hard, she failed to achieve her dream.Other people might have given up, but my cousin didn’t. She didn’t blame her bad luck or the tricky questions. Instead, she felt that she didn’t learn well enough, so she continued to work hard and actively prepared for the exam, and passed the exam successfully in the second year.We always say that failure is the mother of success, because if you learn to learn from failure, you can better embrace success.There are many excellent people in life. It is not that they do not make mistakes, but that they know how to introspect after making mistakes so that they will not make the same mistake twice.And at the beginning of the reflection, may feel nothing, can not see what return, but for a long time will subtly affect their own, will let themselves take many detours, will better realize their own value.Man’s life is a battle with their own process.When reading this book, many small stories and small experiences are affecting us little by little, so that we learn to introspect, so that we have a deep understanding of ourselves, so that our future road will not be too bad.