How did Zhang Liao, the general of Wei, kill Tai Shi Ci in World War I?What was zhang Liao’s final outcome?

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After the Battle of Red Cliff, Sun Quan attacked Hefei and fought with Zhang Liao.Under a hand to hand, Wu will Be Song Qian li Dian shot dead, Sun Quan suffered a loss.Taishi ci entered his account: “There is a man named Ge Ding, and Zhang Liao’s horse hou Groove is a brother, Hou Groove was angry in cao Camp, the active contact, lit a fire as a trumpet, assassinate Zhang Liao, for Song Qian revenge!Sun Quan approved, so that Tai Shi Ci led an army of 5000 as foreign response.That night, Ge Dingyi planned to set fire to cao’s camp in an attempt to cause chaos, and then take advantage of the chaos to assassinate Zhang Liao.However, Zhang Liao was resourceful: is there a city that rebelled against all of them?Someone must have disturbed the army!Beheaded the troublemaker!So Li Dian captured Ge Ding and tried the plan of Tai Shi Ci.Zhang Liaosui set another fire inside the city and opened the gate wide.Tai Shi ci thought he had won, so he shot his horse first.As a result, the arrows were fired in unison, and Tai Shi Ci was rescued by Lu Xun and Dong Shi.However, the injury is too heavy, Taishi Ci left a “great husband was born in troubled times, when with three feet sword unworldly merit;This place ambition is failed, nai and dead?””Died after his speech.The above is the story of The Three Kingdoms.Of course, although “Romance of The Three Kingdoms” likes to be undisciplined, but it is also “fair”. Later, Zhang Liao was arranged to “pay debts”, so that Ding Feng shot an arrow and died.So, in the official history, how did Tai Shi Ci die?What happened to Zhang Liao?After he defected to Sun Ce, Taishi Ci was appointed commander of Jianchang and also the governor of Haihun, who resisted Liu Pan, the nephew of Liu Biao.After sun Quan ascended to the throne, taishi Ci was able to restrain Liu Pan, and entrusted to Taishi Ci the affairs of the south.Therefore, in the Annals of The Three Kingdoms, taishi Ci was not divided into generals such as Huang Gai but mixed with other feudal princes such as Liu You and Tu Xie, which shows his high autonomy.Therefore, in his later years, Taishi Ci mainly fought with Liu Pan in Jiangxi and Hunan.At that time, Huang Zhong was also in Changsha, under the command of Liu Pan, I think huang Zhong and Tai Shi Ci should have fought each other.Old luo does not arrange two sharpshooters to a peak battle, it is a pity.In the eleventh year of Jian ‘an, that is, 206, Tai Shi Ci died.Before the death of Taishi Ci, there are indeed bold words, and the content of bold words in the romance consistent.However, Tai Shi Ci, who had already died before the Red Cliff War, could not run out and let Zhang Liao brush his meritorious deeds.Of course, Zhang Liao also did have similar in the romance of the “plot to earn tai Shi Ci” performance.In 208, Zhang Liao led a newly formed army stationed in Changshe.As they were about to set out, there was a sudden commotion of conspirators.The plotters’ tactics were similar to Goding’s: they set fire at night and disturbed the whole army.Of course the recruits of the new army were a little alarmed by such a thing.Soldiers are new eggs, will be experienced generals!Calm as a cucumber, Zhang Liao ordered him to sit still as long as he was not plotting rebellion.Immediately, Zhang Liao took his own soldiers dozens of people, guard in the array, stable hearts.Soon, the situation stabilized.Zhang Liao found the leader who caused the disturbance and executed him in public.Thus the rebellion was easily defused.”Zhang Liao audit, captured the first thief, also with the righteousness of the enemy”, this is considered to be zhang Liao general wind another typical example.Perhaps, Lao Luo felt that such a feat, not cut a general is too plain, conveniently has passed away taishi ci to gather together a lively.”Taishi ci” is made up, but zhang Liao’s general wind is real.If the plot of assassinating Zhang Liao by Taishi ci and Ge Ding really happens, Zhang Liao can really be as easy as in the romance!After the death of Zhang Liao, zhang Liao continued to stay in Huainan.Later, Guan Yu “flooded the seven armies”, threatening China, Cao Cao ordered Zhang Liao to lead the army to support Cao Ren.However, Xu Huang is not built.Xu Huang had won before Zhang Liao’s army arrived.After that, Zhang Liao first stayed in Chenjun and then returned to Huainan.After returning to huainan, Zhang Liao fell ill and remained in poor health.However, zhang Liao, who was already ill, was still a great deterrent. Sun Quan was afraid of him: Zhang Liao should not be treated lightly even though he was ill.Later, Cao PI sent wu, Zhang Liao was ill, and defeated lv Fan, the general of wu.Eventually, zhang Liao died in Jiangdu after his illness worsened.Perhaps he did not have the heart to let zhang Liao die on his sickbed, or perhaps he arranged a more tragic ending for Zhang Liao in order to give an explanation to Tai Shi Ci, who had “died of injustice”.In the Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Cao PI fooled Xu Sheng and fled in a small boat, only to be attacked by Ding Feng.In desperation, Zhang Liao rode to meet ding Feng and was shot in the waist, but xu Huang rescued him before he escaped.That night, Zhang Liao died from an arrow wound.Incidentally, Xu Huang, who saved Zhang Liao in the romance, also died a good death in the official history, but Lao Luo also arranged for him to be “shot in the head” by Meng Da.In the official history, Yue Jin, who also had a good end, was also arranged for Gan Ning to shoot an arrow and then “disappear into romance”.In short, cao’s generals must not be sick or die in their beds. They must come out and get shot!The world of romance, the pursuit of vigour and vitality.Therefore, the author of the novel does not like the “silent” illness and death, but pursues the heroic plot.As a result, Tai Shi Ci and Zhang Liao were pulled out and shot to death.In the real world, however, many offerings are themselves “out of the spotlight.”Taishi Ci moved to a secondary battlefield (sun Quan and Liu Biao’s main battle was along the Yangtze River), while Zhang Liao’s presence in the camp, while ill, was not as eye-catching as fighting on the main battlefield, but was no less important.”Dying on horseback” is a good destination for the general, who is dedicated to the last moment, is not a good destination for the general?