Much more convenient!Goods under 500 yuan on Taobao can be refunded in seconds without delivery: Tmall has no limit on the amount

2022-05-23 0 By

February 24 news, Taobao updated taobao and Tmall return rules.On Taobao, goods of 500 yuan or less can be returned in seconds before they are delivered, while on Tmall, there is no limit on the amount, which is a significant improvement over the previous.First, consumers can benefit greatly from it.When Xiao Lei was a student, the economy was very poor. If he bought a big item and made a mistake, there would be no extra money to re-shoot a single.At this time, you have to find businesses to refund, if the boss, customer service is not timely online is more troublesome.If it is usually ok, customer service will generally be online.If it is late at night, customer service is off work, then you have to wait for the next day customer service to work again.For example, on Double 11, the customer service often cannot handle so many orders. If there is a wrong auction, the customer will delay the re-auction, which may lead to the failure of the customer to get the desired goods.In addition to consumers, businesses can also get great convenience.Small thunder had opened a small shop before, often someone to look for me to agree to return goods manually, this is still quite tedious, still need to input a password.In fact, the system is more willing to directly agree to refund, anyway, has not shipped.Taobao statistics show that users who can receive a second refund are 2.5 times more likely to purchase the same product within 24 hours than those who wait 12 hours for a refund.A lot of customers are impulse buys, and in the case of a wrong auction, he will simply order again.If consumers are allowed to pass the “cooling-off period”, they may return to rationality, and those with poor memories may simply forget.With the ban on “choose one or the other”, it will be the experience, besides the price, that decides which platform consumers choose.In the case of the same price, compared to taobao seller, xiaolei will prefer the Tmall seller that sell, at least the refund will be much more flat.Recently, Taobao, Tmall consciously improve the use of their platform experience.Tmall began to try to launch Maoxiang proprietary business, in contrast to JINGdong’s proprietary business.After the platform brings some important commodities into self-management, pre-sale and after-sales will be much more standardized.The platform will provide more professional training for customer service of self-owned stores, so as to bring better user experience to consumers.More specialized self-owned stores will attract more consumers to browse products on Tmall, resulting in more traffic, and existing third-party merchants will also benefit.