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More than 20 years ago, as the first person in Wushizhuang to be admitted to university, Li Xiang became a role model for the villagers to encourage their children to study hard, which has always been his pride, as well as the pride of his father, who works as a private teacher in the village.There were no more than twenty families in the small village where he lived. He would never forget the sight of all the villagers crowding round him to see him off to college.After four years of university study in the provincial capital, Li Xiang never forgot the high expectations of his fellow villagers, and won the highest scholarship in the school every semester.After graduation, li Xiang with excellent grades gave up the opportunity to stay in the provincial capital and resolutely returned to his hometown to build his hometown.After years of struggle, Li Xiang became a well-known expert talent in the county, is now the county’s transport bureau party secretary, director.Over the years, he has been working hard, giving full play to his intelligence and talents, and making great contributions to the transportation industry in his hometown.Li Xiang although successful, but he never slack in business, life can be a model, the only regret is to owe too much to his father, several times to pick up the old man to live in the city, not a few days the old man made to go back to the countryside.When I was a child, Li Xiang home brothers and sisters, plus the mother’s body is not very good, sick every two days, a family of seven only with his father’s meager salary income, life is very 恓 panic.Stone village is small but nice people village, the villagers are particularly between human and live in Li Xiangjia surrounding neighbors see mother all day li wan, father and often not at home, will not consciously awareness to help support their brother and sister several, the send some melons vegetables, and whole grains that send, let little brother li, a few people spend a lot of the days of famine.In high school, Li Xiang’s mother died of illness, in the process of dealing with the mother’s affairs also help the villagers.In Li Xiang’s heart, he planted the seed of “gratitude” since childhood, thinking that when he has the ability, he must give back to these respectable and lovely villagers.Wushizhuang is located in the northwest border of the county, inconvenient transportation, information occlusion, poor industrial foundation, is a typical mountain village.The villagers live in the mountains all the year round, guarding the “golden hill” but will not use, all this let Li Xiang see in the eyes, anxious in the heart.”If you want to be rich, build roads first.” If you want to change the face of poverty and backwardness in your hometown, it is imperative to build roads.Under Li Xiang’s appeal and efforts, the village road finally included in the county’s livelihood projects.The project has not yet bid, naked partner Liu Jie grew up together to find his office, but also asked him to eat in the county’s most luxurious mangrove hotel, he must have known the village road.Liu Jie graduated from junior high school into the society, sold clothes, received waste, dry construction work, these years through contracting projects, in the community mixed five people six, became the envy of the village everyone “contractor”.After work, Li Xiang arrived as promised, not seen for many years of brothers, there are endless stories between each other, more youdao endless parting mood!The meal lasted from seven to a little after eleven, and by the time they parted they were both unsteady and drunk.Liu Jie took Li Xiang’s hand and said: “Brother, I heard that the village is going to build a road, you are in charge of this matter, with our two feelings, this road you must let brother I win the bid.Take this fifty thousand dollars and buy some tonic for my uncle as a tribute to his old man.”To tell the truth, in the work for so many years, Li Xiang never received other people’s money, this time to take over the envelope of Liu Jie, he was fully aware of the details of Liu Jie, but due to face, did not refuse to face.After returning home, his wife Aiyun and son Li Le had already fallen asleep.Lying in bed, Li Xiang tossed and turned, looked at his watch, it was two o ‘clock in the morning, but he did not feel sleepy.The past like a movie scenes in front of playback, primary school third grade, he and Liu Jie every day to leave home five in the next village school, careful mother Liu always prepared two lunches, but also let two people like brothers help each other, take care of each other, this feeling he has been in mind.Now, he just in charge of the village road bidding, which makes him anxious as ants on the hot pot, he knows that Liu Jie’s construction team has no qualifications, but…Bored, he picked up the bulging envelope in the bag and opened it to see that there were five stacks of money inside, but the money made Li Xiang feel so heavy and hot.Finally, the village road project by the next village two dogs contracted.In the opening ceremony of the ceremony, Li Xiang met Liu Jie, although he warmly greeted his childhood partner, but Liu Jie was a pair of indifferent, look at his eyes with passers-by, mouth also a hard to read: ungrateful Wolf.After the opening ceremony, Liu Jie took his car and walked away, apparently he had a prejudice against Li Xiang.After the road in the village was repaired, the villagers raised money to renovate the dilapidated village. Liu Jie’s name is very eye-catching on the achievement monument of the village’s small donations for education: his personal donation is 50,000 yuan.New Year home, the village people on Liu Jie is very enthusiastic, which makes him “zhang Two monks scratching their heads”.Since he had his own construction team, Liu Jie all day outside, large and small public welfare undertakings in the village, he almost never asked, not to mention the money, the kind old mother quarreled with him several times for this, back and forth to get the unhappy part.From his mother’s point of view, the public welfare in the village should be done with all his heart, for she was afraid of being poked back.This time in the village, Liu Jie accidentally saw his donation name in the heart is very puzzled, in his impression, these years he was preoccupied with making money, never donated money to the village, let alone donate fifty thousand yuan of money.The fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the village yuanxiao, in Wushizhuang, the Lantern Festival is a grand day, every family hall decoration incense table, incense firing, “tribute silver”, burning firewood, pray for the next day more prosperous.This day, Li Xiang with his wife and children from the city back to Zhuangli festival, at the entrance of the village and Liu Jie accidentally met, far away, Li Xiang shouted Liu Jie’s name.Liu Jie had planned to pretend that he had not seen Li Xiang and walked away, but it was a big holiday, surrounded by villagers, so he had to toughen his head and make small talk with Li Xiang.When no one was looking, Li Xiang took Liu Jie aside and said to him mysteriously, “As a master of Wushizhuang, you mustn’t forget your roots!The fifty thousand yuan you gave me, I donated it to our village primary school for you, is also to repay your mother for my kindness.”After listening to Li Xiang’s words, Liu Jie suddenly suddenly realized, yes, a person no matter how developed, no matter when and where, must not forget their roots ah!