The national football team should stay abroad most of the national foot: Zhu Chenjie tonight 1 difficult martial arts action clearance is too tough!

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China national Football Team in tonight ushered in the key world preliminary match of life and death, facing the strength of the powerful Japanese team, the National football team obviously only have the ability to withstand, until the game in the second half of the national football team did not meet the team’s first shot, finally in the first half of the second half of each goal, the National football team 0-2 defeat opponents, only theoretical possibility.In the course of the game, young Chinese international Zhu Chenjie played very well, although the team conceded two goals, but without zhu Chenjie’s world-class performance, the loss would have been much worse.In the 30th minute of the match, Zhu chenjie performed a highly difficult “martial arts action” to clear the ball.This is a fast counter-attack, the Japanese rival’s long ball directly find striker, and Zhu Chen jie to see the ball past will form a single pole, he also used an acrobatic volley fly kick blocked the path of the ball, the clearance action is surprising, and the effect is also quite good, if not Zhu Chen jie world-class defense, may the team’s 30 minutes to lose 2 ball!Since then, The Japanese team is still aggressive attack, the National football team was completely suppressed in the half cannot attack, and the young Zhu Chenjie also bear no small defensive pressure.At the time of 35 minutes, a defensive Zhu Chen jie is easy to amaze, this is the Japanese striker ball actively, Zhu Chen Jeremy from follow closely behind, and completed at the moment of rival ball clean off the ball, successfully resolve the opponent’s threat, the four two dial one thousand jins steals really embodies the strength!After the defense, just 3 minutes, Japan is making a comeback, in the attack of the team, Japanese team for a foot pass directly through the national soccer team’s defence, in Liverpool’s Japan international south wild billiton the box turned and shot the moment really, Zhu Chen jie with extremely fast turning speed and shovel ball movement successfully blocked the foot will score,Zhu chenjie saved the goal from being penetrated again with a world class clearance, impressive!Until the end of the first half, Zhu still showed great defensive concentration when he was quick enough to clear Japan’s popular international striker Junya ITO on a forward turn, keeping him away from the goal.Have to say, tonight the National football team can not lose more than 3 goals, completely thanks to the national football team’s pair of central defenders, and from the four world-class clearance, Zhu Chenjie tonight’s performance even more than naturalized jiang Guangtai also bright eye, he is the national football team should stay abroad most of the national football team!(Lao Chiu Super League Football review)