Xingping Association successfully held the activity of “Sweet valentine’s Day with Joy and Joy”

2022-05-23 0 By

People spend a long time, love continuous yuanxiao.On valentine’s day and the Lantern Festival approaching, XingPing association held “sweet valentine’s day Gladly make yuanxiao “theme marketing activities, through publicity and financial knowledge, guess lantern riddles, yuanxiao, win gifts and other activities, increasing the deposit, digital pratt &whitney loans, the electronic banking business marketing efforts, as well as the broad masses of old and new customers to the sweet love and sincere blessing.A variety of ways to create a festive atmosphere.On the eve of the festival, lianshe actively carried out hall marketing, and made full use of wechat public account, wechat moments, Douyin, placing Yilabao and LED display in the network to strengthen publicity.Red lanterns were hung outside the business hall, roses bouquets, yuanxiao and gifts were placed in the hall. The staff actively carried out on-site publicity to the customers who handled the business in the outlets, explained the rules of the activity in detail, created a warm atmosphere for the activity, and received a good warm-up effect.Rich content effectively increases customer engagement.Marketing activities are carried out simultaneously in offline business outlets and online mobile banking. On the same day, plot people carefully prepare exclusive gifts for customers on Valentine’s Day. All customers who come to handle business will present a bouquet of roses on the spot.On the day of the Lantern Festival, we will give a beautiful gift to our business customers, and you can participate in the activity of “guessing lantern riddles and winning gifts” and get a yuanxiao.Customers who are unable to participate in the on-site activities can participate in the “One yuan Happy shopping” and 9.9 yuan second kill zone activities on the mobile banking client.On the day of the activity, both the invited customers and the customers visiting the hall can eat a hot, sweet yuanxiao.In addition, the staff carefully prepared the lantern riddles, covering idioms, place names, people’s names and other contents, and specially set questions related to the simple products of Xingping Association in the lantern riddles, which were both entertaining and informative, and attracted a large number of customers to participate actively.During the activity period, deposits increased by 1.53 million;The net increase of online loan credit was 89 households, and the net increase of loan balance was 870,000 yuan;The number of citizen E loan credit households increased by 78, and the balance increased by 748,700 yuan;Qin V loan balance net increase of 543,000 yuan;The net increase of mobile banking was 126, and the activity increased by 3.35%.Love to meet, double joy.This activity attracted many customers to participate in the enthusiastic atmosphere, creating a warm, happy, friendship, joy of the festival atmosphere, really let xingping people feel the temperature from the Association.In the future, the association will make more efforts to serve customers, innovate service methods, and strive to build a dedicated bank, a trusted bank, a conscience bank and a thoughtful bank for the people.(Source: Xingping Associated Press) Email