Hiring!Fuzhou new round of job fair is coming!Take a look.

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Dear workers, the recent job fair has been one after another, have you found the right one? No, it doesn’t matter. Xiaobian also collected some recruitment information ready to change jobs or job-hopping friends hurry to have a look!The first session: February 26 (Saturday)8:30-12:30 “Congratulating New Year · Recruiting talents” career Elite Comprehensive Recruitment Fair;Session 2: March 5th (Saturday)8:30-12:30 “Four Hot Industries” comprehensive job fair;Session 3: March 12 (Saturday)8:30-12:30 “Famous Enterprises Urgent Recruitment” comprehensive job fair.Session 4: March 19 (Saturday)8:30-12:30 “Famous Enterprises Urgent Recruitment” comprehensive job fair.1. All kinds of enterprises and institutions with the need to recruit graduates.2. Graduates of the class of 2022, graduates of the class of 2021 and graduates of the previous class.Recruitment Hall, 3rd Floor, Fujian Talent Building (No. 36, Dongda Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou)Bus routes: No. 9, 11, 27, 72, 106, 118, 133, 310, 317, 327 to Bafang Building station.2. Self-drive: navigate to fujian Talent Building (China Straits Talent Market), No. 36 Dongda Road.”Spring Breeze Action” large-scale job fair will start at 9:00 on February 25 (Friday, January 25) at Mawei District Civic Center Square (Mawei Pedestrian Street) Organizer: Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Mawei DistrictAll kinds of enterprises and public institutions and social organizations with recruitment needs in Mawei District;Job seekers: college graduates, registered unemployed, migrant workers in cities, migrant workers returning to their hometowns, people with employment difficulties, rural laborers out of poverty, people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, persons with disabilities, drug rehabilitation personnel, released from prison and community correction personnel, retired soldiers (college students), family members of soldiers and other job-seeking groups.Address: Second floor, Human Resources Building, No. 59, West Luoxing Road, Mawei District.Organized by: Fujian Provincial Department of Education, Fujian Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, China Strait Talent Market organized by:Student financial assistance management center of fujian province, fujian province college graduates employment work center, strait talent market talent exchange center of China, industrial consumer finance co., LTD, xing motivational growth base three, activity objects to the “on” recruitment activities of national student loans mainly face 2022 graduating college students, low-income families in colleges and universities graduates in fujian province, fujian xingStudents of inspirational Growth Base, and students with national student loans from colleges and universities in 2021 who have not yet secured employment positions.1. Registration for employer: February 10, 2022 to February 25, 2022 2.Online Recruitment: February 25th to March 25th, 2022Enterprises and institutions that need to recruit college graduates will be organized to attend the conference, and various employment positions will be provided to students with national student loans and college graduates from low-income families who are willing to find jobs.Companies conduct online video interviews with candidates through the platform.(2) Launch of activities.The host and the organizer will hold the launching ceremony of “Recruitment Month” to enhance the two-way communication between universities and enterprises and build a high-quality employment platform.The details of the launching ceremony will be notified later.(3) Online recruitment.Colleges and universities can organize students with employment intention to carry out one-to-one employment recommendation service, which is supported by the Talent market across the Straits of China.Applicants for labor dispatch personnel shall meet the following qualifications: 1.Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, uphold the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, abide by discipline and law, support the Party’s theory, line, principles and policies, and have good political literacy and professional ethics;2. Aged between 18 and 30 (i.e. born after February 1992 and before February 2004);3. Have good health, regular features and normal physical conditions for performing duties;4. Meet other requirements of the position.1. Those who have received criminal punishment due to crimes, have been dismissed from public office, or have been dismissed or dismissed due to violation of laws and disciplines;2. Suspected violations of laws and disciplines are under investigation and no conclusions have been reached;3. As of the date of this announcement, I and my family members have been included in the list of persons subject to enforcement for trust-breaking;4. Other circumstances that are not suitable for employment.1. Recruitment :(1) entry staff, 9;(2) Auxiliary police, 4.2. Job conditions :(1) there is no limit for both the entry clerk and the auxiliary police;(2) Full-time college degree or above, full-time college degree or above or law major is preferred, nursing major or veteran of auxiliary police post is preferred;(3) The entry staff should have the corresponding level of computer operation ability, and the auxiliary police should carry out physical test.Location: Gulou District People’s Court, Fuzhou (Address: No. 58, Jiangbin West Avenue, Hongshan Town, Gulou District, Fuzhou)Deadline for registration: 18:00, February 21, 2022.After the deadline of registration, all applicants will be qualified.Candidates for written examination, interview and skill test will be selected from those who meet the application conditions, and will be notified by SMS or phone (those who have not received the notification will not pass the qualification examination, and there will be no further notice).Taijiang District Administrative Service Center is recruiting 2 part-time staff, including 1 staff in the general acceptance window and 1 staff in the office.1. Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;2. Abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China;3. Conduct well, abide by discipline and law, abide by professional ethics, and abide by social ethics;4. Priority given to CPC members under the same conditions;5. At least 18 years of age. In principle, female should not exceed 35 (born after February 1, 1988) and male should not exceed 40 (born after February 1, 1982);6. Have the health conditions, corresponding qualifications and working ability for the post;Please refer to Appendix 1 “Job Information Form” for the requirements of recruitment qualifications for each position. 8. Applicants’ graduation certificate, qualification certificate, work experience, age, active service and other relevant qualifications are subject to February 2022 as the deadline, and their years are accumulated in full year and full month.9. Those who have been subjected to criminal punishment for committing a crime, have criminal suspicions that have not been investigated or are under disciplinary examination;Being included in the list of subjects subject to joint punishment for trust-breaking according to law;Where a withdrawal relationship has been formed after employment;Other circumstances that are prohibited by laws and regulations shall not be allowed to register for examination.1. Registration time: Online registration: February 15, 2022 to February 23, 2022;On-site registration: February 24, 2022 (9:00-12:00 am, 1:30-5:30 PM).2. Registration method: Online registration and on-site registration are adopted for this recruitment. Qualified applicants should send the electronic version or scanned copy of relevant registration materials to 247261431@qq.com, with the title and attachment of the email as “Additional personnel + name + mobile phone number”;Or bring the registration materials to the designated place at the designated time of registration (see the “Job Information Sheet”).In accordance with the requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control, registration is required to wear a mask and show the “Bamin Health Code” (MINzhengtong APP). Only those with a green “Bamin Health Code” can register.Fuzhou No. 8 Middle School is looking for 4 substitute teachers, 1 chemistry laboratory technician and 1 administrative staff.1. Bachelor degree or above, with teacher qualification certificate of corresponding subject.2. Love education, have a strong sense of responsibility, good health, be competent for the teaching work of the corresponding subject.Substitute teachers belong to part-time staff, 120 yuan per class, pay according to the actual class hours.2. Teaching assistant (chemical experimenter, administrative staff) sign labor dispatch contract, and handle five insurances and one housing fund, specific negotiable.Three, the hiring process from now on can send the resume and the applied materials (including diploma, degree certificate, teachers’ qualification certificate, id card copy materials) sent to the email fzdbzx@163.com to sign up, unified email subject for a period of subject + names (such as: high school mathematics + zhang SAN), the school will organize after the interview, determine the employment situation.Contact number: 0591 — 83206904, 83206897.Address: No. 707, 817 Middle Road, Fuzhou.Address: No. 22 xinzhou, Xianyang Village, Chengmen Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou.Fuzhou No. 8 Middle School Substitute Teacher Recruitment Plan Fuzhou Medical Security Service Behavior Monitoring Center Recruitment requirements for labor dispatch Personnel (1) Have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;(2) Observe the Constitution and laws of the People’s Republic of China;(3) having good moral conduct;(4) having the physical condition to perform duties normally;(5) Aged 30 or below (born between February 2004 and February 1991).(6) The major should be clinical medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, medical technology, Traditional Chinese medicine and Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, pharmacy, and nursing, as listed in the Professional Guidance Catalogue for Recruitment of Fujian Provincial Organs and Public Institutions (2021).Bachelor degree or above, working experience in secondary or above medical institutions is preferred.(7) The applicant’s graduation certificate and relevant certificates must be obtained before registration.(8) Applicants who have received criminal punishment or been dismissed from public office for committing crimes shall not apply.The main job is to participate in the online monitoring and evaluation of medical insurance service behavior of designated medical institutions in the city.The registration will be conducted online. Applicants can send their ID cards, academic certificates and scanned copies of the application form to zhk9634@163.com from February 17, 2022 to March 3, 2022, and submit two recent bare-headless 1-inch color photos on the day of the interview.Other matters (I) Staff included in dispatching management.The probation period of the new recruit is two months, and the retention will be determined after the probation period passes the assessment.The salary is composed of basic salary and performance appraisal reward, and the monthly salary should be determined by the standard of about 4000 yuan.(2) Those who pay the five insurances and one housing fund according to regulations and pass the year-end assessment shall be given corresponding performance assessment awards according to regulations.(3) Applicants should fill in the registration form truthfully.Source: China Strait Talent Network, Meet Minhou, Fuzhou Talent Group, Mawei Public employment and talent service, etc