Prosperity!Phase city and add national honor!

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The Spring Festival will come to xiangcheng with the national honor to send the Spring Festival gift!Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published the tenth batch of national new industrial industrial demonstration bases, suzhou Industrial Park, Xiangcheng District jointly declared industrial Internet characteristic bases among them!This step into the national new-type industrial demonstration base ranks is also xiangcheng after approved to create the national block chain development pilot area core area after another national brand honor!This national brand is full of gold!The selection of National Demonstration bases for New industrial Industries began in 2009. In recent years, each batch of newly added demonstration bases has shown a trend of decreasing in number and gradually optimizing in structure. Bases for emerging industries and formats stand at C position.Nearly two years began to select the industrial Internet industry demonstration base, not only to have a strong industrial foundation, complete industrial Internet system, but also take a look at the comprehensive level of industrial Internet development and ecology.Previously, only a handful of cities, including Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, were rated.
This successful declaration is a full affirmation of the development level of industrial Internet industry in Xiangcheng!City industrial highland in recent years, the Internet industry innovation phase to the guideline of industrial Internet platform rapidly facing the regional level, industry level and enterprise to carry out the industrial application of the Internet industry for industry to provide Internet platform landing assignment of innovative research and development support to manufacturing digital transition new forms has become a new mode to cultivate fusion industry for the development of the Internet industry innovation heights!
▹▹▹ Sangcheng, have policy advantage!In February 2021, the “Hongqiao International Open Hub Construction Overall Plan” explicitly supports xiangcheng to “build industrial Internet industry demonstration base”.Meanwhile, Xiangcheng is the only county (district) in Jiangsu province that has been written into the Plan to support the construction of “Industrial Internet Industry demonstration base”.

Phase at the same time, the city in the city’s first release in 2021 “about accelerating city manufacturing intelligent digital transition and transformation of the number of supporting policies (try out)”, the industrial supply ability combined with the Internet enterprise intelligence to turn several demand as the main policy swimmer, promoting city manufacturing intelligent and digital transformation.

▹▹▹ Sangseong, has the industrial foundation!Violet Cloud Engine, Kum, Lanzhuo, Huawei…At present, Xiangcheng has gathered more than 350 key enterprises in the field of industrial Internet, and more than 100 platform service enterprises.In 2020, Unisplendour Engine became the second one in Jiangsu Province and the only one in Suzhou to be domestically cultivated for national dual cross-platform. Xiangcheng has become one of the regions with the largest concentration of national platforms and the strongest supply capacity of industrial Internet in the Yangtze River Delta region.
At present, Xiangcheng has accumulated 12 national industrial Internet pilot demonstration, innovation and development projects, 135 provincial and municipal benchmark factory and intelligent workshop (factory) demonstration projects, nearly 400 provincial star cloud enterprises.It has successfully established provincial characteristic industrial base of “Internet + Advanced Manufacturing” and industrial Internet benchmark park of G60 Science and innovation Corridor in Yangtze River Delta.
At the same time, Dahua and Lanzhuo were approved to identify the resolution of the secondary node construction qualification, to make up the gap in the city’s industrial Internet network infrastructure.In December 2021, phase city was approved to create the national block chain development pilot area core area this month, phase city has entered the ranks of the national new industrial industry demonstration base look forward to the future, phase city can also gain more “national brand” honor let the new economy industry become phase city “golden sign”!Approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology!The forerunner area!Core!
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