Xiyang 312 grid members completed fire service training

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Speaker: Ren Jie (civilian clerk of Xiyang County Fire rescue Brigade) Time: March 24, 2022 Venue: Conference room on the second floor of Xiyang County Government Audience: 312 Grid members Subject:In order to further improve the fire fighting level of grass-roots grid members and steadily promote the comprehensive management of fire safety by “precise prevention and control throughout the grid”, on March 24, Jinzhong Fire safety publicity team organized 312 full-time and part-time grid members in Xiyang County to carry out fire safety business skills training.”What is grass-roots grid fire safety management, how to carry out grass-roots fire safety management, how to scientific self-help, mutual rescue.””How to check fire equipment?”…Before the training began, the presenter Ren Jie first had a preliminary understanding of the fire-fighting knowledge of participants by asking questions, and then combined with real fire cases, sounded the fire-fighting safety alarm for grid members present.Is common in residential area of the fire hazard, Ren Jie emphasized, block fire truck passageway, random block, divert fire extinguishing equipment, parking, not according to stipulations for the harm of electric vehicle charging, etc, and the grid member of the discovery of fire hazards and disposal, fire control propaganda and education, such as how to participate in the early fire fighting and rescue work,Explain in detail the key points and matters needing attention of daily fire control work for the trainees.”When we visit the household inspection, we should also pay attention to the publicity and interpretation of credit construction related policies, call on the masses to attach importance to personal credit records, but also through the listing of some typical cases against the faithless personnel, warning everyone to let fire safety and credit construction more join the brain into the heart.”At the end of the class, Ren Jie also explained fire safety and credit construction for participants, and how to identify real and fake fire fighting products. She reminded grid members to strengthen daily maintenance of fire fighting products, so as to avoid missing the best fire fighting time when unqualified or damaged fire fighting products are used.”Today’s training was very rewarding.Next we will and county fire and rescue brigade joint into the community, on-site inspection side of the fire hidden danger, do private affairs, let everyone away from the threat of fire.”Xiyang county comprehensive governance service center director Zhai Xipeng said.(Jinzhong Fire Safety publicity team 1649) (Jinzhong fire safety publicity team appointment hotline: 0354-119) Jinzhong fire, is always your reliable safety backing……Coordinator/review: Zhang Zhenhua/Han Rui Editor/proofreader: Yang Xinlu