Automatic three-dimensional warehouse information system and handling machinery

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Automatic three-dimensional warehouse is a high shelf storage, in and out of the warehouse operation is usually completed by automatic material handling equipment.Because of the use of automation technology, so it can greatly improve logistics efficiency, reduce labor costs, by the logistics enterprises.Specifically speaking, automatic stereoscopic warehouse basically has the characteristic of 4 respects.First, high-rise shelf storage, make full use of space resources.For logistics enterprises, enough warehouse is the foundation, but in the increasingly high cost of land, how to make good use of every inch of land and space, it is of great significance to enterprises.Therefore, the use of high shelf storage is an inevitable move.Second, automatic storage, improve efficiency, reduce errors.Automatic three-dimensional warehouse is the biggest characteristic of automation, the application of automation technology, not only improve the work efficiency, but also reduce the storage of goods in the error and goods damage rate.With the increasing maturity of automation technology, the automation level of automated warehouse will be improved again, so as to play a greater role.Third, computer control, with intensive effect.After adopting advanced automation equipment for production, logistics companies will have an intensive effect and make greater help in improving logistics efficiency, reducing urban traffic congestion and reducing carbon emissions.Fourth, information integration, convenient production operation.Information integration technology is the basis of automated warehouse, which provides systematic data management for the realization of automation technology.In addition, it is more convenient for logistics enterprises to integrate the information management system of automated three-dimensional warehouse with the enterprise information system database.Based on the above characteristics, automated three-dimensional warehouse is receiving more and more attention from enterprises, and not only limited to logistics enterprises.With the popularization of automated three-dimensional warehouse, it will become an important node in modern logistics system.However, compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap between our automated three-dimensional warehouse.This is because China’s automation technology is still a new research field, in the early stage of development, there is still a long way to go in the future.Fortunately, the rapid development of automation technology in China has been moving towards the direction of intelligence, virtualization and high integration, providing technical support and support for automated three-dimensional warehouse.With the automation technology becoming more and more mature, automated three-dimensional warehouse is expected to enter a new stage of development and have a broader prospect in the future.The information management system of automatic stereoscopic warehouse mainly includes computer monitoring system, database system and network system.Computer monitoring system involves management computer, monitoring computer, PLC controller to control the execution of specific equipment.The database system can store the underlying data, while the network system can transfer and exchange complex information.01 Handling system, control system and loading, unloading and palletising robot roadway machine can only carry out access operations in the roadway, goods in and out of storage through the surrounding supporting handling machinery facilities.The surrounding handling system includes handling and conveying equipment, automatic guide car, robot, forklift, trolley, tray, etc.Its function is to cooperate with laneway stacker to complete cargo transportation, handling, sorting and other operations, but also can temporarily replace other major handling systems, so that the automatic access system to maintain the work, complete the goods in and out of storage operations.In the automated logistics system, the material transport mainly adopts chain, roller, belt conveyor and other general equipment, which are generally fixed on the ground.The device is mounted on a walking wheel and moved along a fixed path to become a shuttle.Shuttle vehicle has the characteristics of dynamic load shifting, which can make the material transfer between different stations and the layout of the transmission line more compact and simple, so as to improve the efficiency of material transport.Therefore, shuttle vehicle is widely used in automated logistics system.In general, along the fixed track walking conveyor equipment called shuttle car (RGV), trackless called automatic guide car (AGV), in the air transport called suspension car (EMS).In terms of track form, shuttle can be divided into reciprocating straight shuttle and circular shuttle. Circular shuttle can run multiple car bodies on the same track, which can greatly improve the handling capacity. It is the development trend of shuttle.At present, the speed of domestic shuttle is generally 120~200m/min. In foreign airport baggage sorting system, the maximum traveling speed of shuttle using contactless energy transmission technology can reach 600m/min.Shuttle vehicle (RGV) is a guide rail or chain to restrain and guide the car to run.It has two sets of transmission mechanism: transmission mechanism and movement mechanism.Shuttle vehicle (RGV) constraint guide rail by double track and single track two.Autonomous mobile Robot, referred to as AMR, is a robot that has the ability to understand and move independently in its environment.AMR differs from its predecessors, autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), which rely on tracks or predefined routes and often require operator supervision.AMR uses a sophisticated set of sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques to calculate and plan paths to understand and navigate the environment, unconstrained by wired power.Because AMR is equipped with cameras and sensors, if they encounter unexpected obstacles while navigating the environment, such as falling boxes or people, they will use navigation technologies such as collision avoidance to slow, stop or re-route around the obstacles before continuing their mission.Compared to traditional AGV, AMR perception environment, autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, smart to follow, and other functions, can be removed from the shop guide line and ground line reconstruction work environment, especially the production operation process changes, just let robot reconstruction map and save the cost of workers to the deployment environment, make indoor more flexible and efficient logistics.It also pushes the boundaries of AGV capabilities for handling, picking and sorting tasks in a wider variety of scenarios.AMR based on SLAM technology is an important technology development direction for logistics robot enterprises in the future.It can be predicted that with the advance of the warehouse distribution model, AMR will be able to better play its advantages, and the market capacity will gradually open up.Palletizing machine and palletizing robot palletizing robot is the product of organic combination of machinery and computer program.It provides higher production efficiency for modern production.Palletizing machine is widely used in palletizing industry.Palletizing robot greatly saves labor and space.The palletizing robot is flexible, accurate, fast and efficient, stable and efficient.The palletizing robot system adopts the patented coordinate robot with flexible and compact installation space.The idea of being able to build an efficient and energy-saving automatic block forming machine production line in a small area of land has become a reality.In the automatic warehouse system, a large number of palletizing machines or robots are used to complete the work of palletizing and dispalletizing.It is an integrated system, including industrial robot, controller, programmer, robot hand claw, automatic disassembly/stacking machine, tray conveying and positioning equipment and palletizing mode software.It is also equipped with automatic weighing, labeling and detection and communication systems, and is linked to the production control system to form a complete integrated packaging line.(1) simple workstation at the end of the production line palletizing: this flexible palletizing system from the conveyor line up and down the material and the workpiece palletizing, adding layers, etc., followed by a conveyor line will be good pallets sent away.(2) Palletizing/depalletizing workstation: this flexible palletizing system can make three different palletizing goods into one palletizing system. The robot can also grab pallets and MATS. When a palletizing system is full, it will be automatically output by the conveying line.(3) palletizing in the production line: the workpiece is grabbed at the anchor point of the conveying line and placed on two different pallets, and the cushion is also grabbed by the robot.Pallets and full stacks are automatically output or input through the wire body.(4) The complex workstation of stacking at the end of the production line: the workpiece comes from three different line bodies, they are captured and put on three different pallets, and the cushion is also captured by the robot.Pallets and full stacks are automatically output or input from the wire body.05 automatic sorting machine equipment sorting refers to the items according to the variety, in order to pile up in different categories.This can be done manually or with automated equipment.Can be continuous, large quantities of sorting goods, sorting error rate is very low, sorting operation basically unmanned.06 automatic sorting system applicable conditions (1) a huge one-time investment (itself need to build short 40-50 meters, 150-200 meters long mechanical transmission line, but also have a supporting electromechanical integration control system, computer network and communication system).(2) high requirements for the outer packaging of goods (only suitable for sorting goods with flat bottom and rigid packaging rules).In order to enable automatic sorting of most commodities by machinery, measures can be taken :(a) to promote standardized packaging so that the packaging of most commodities meets national standards;(b) Customizing specific sorters based on the uniform packaging characteristics of most of the goods to be sorted.07 Composition of automatic sorting system There are many kinds of automatic sorting systems, generally composed of a control device, a sorting device, a conveying device and a sorting crossing.The above four parts of the device through the computer network connection, with the manual control and the corresponding manual processing links constitute a complete automatic sorting system.(1) The role of the control device is to identify, accept and process the sorting signal, according to the requirements of the sorting signal to indicate the classification device, according to the variety of goods, goods to the place of delivery or the category of the owner of goods for automatic sorting.(2) the role of the sorting device is according to the sorting instructions issued by the control device, when the goods with the same sorting signal through the device, the device works, change the direction of the goods on the conveying device, so that it enters other conveyor or sorting crossing.(3) the main component of the conveying device is the conveyor belt or conveyor, its main role is to make the goods to be sorted through the control device, classification device.(4) sorting crossings are the sorting of goods from the channel of the main conveyor into goods collection area, generally have steel belt, belt, roller, etc way, taking the goods from the main conveying equipment into goods collection platform, where the staff will be the crossing or warehouse storage after a concentration of all the goods, or the latest loading and distribution operations.08 Types of automatic sorting Systems There are more than 10 different types of automatic sorting systems, basically divided into linear sorting system and ring sorting system two types.Linear sorting system mainly includes slider sorter, roller sorter, roller sorter and so on;Ring sorting system mainly includes tray sorting machine and cross belt sorting machine;Other push rod sorter and vertical sorter.END. 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