Fengning Economic Development Zone all cadres stick to the frontline fire prevention and epidemic prevention during the Qingming Festival

2022-05-25 0 By

Hebei News (Liu Haobo, Lu Xiaofang, Jiang Xiaomeng) This year’s Tomb-sweeping Day temperature rises, precipitation is less, fire prevention, epidemic prevention situation is extremely severe, hebei Fengning Manchu Autonomous County economic development Zone all cadres and workers stick to the front line fire prevention epidemic prevention during the Tomb-sweeping day “two hands”.Propagandize “open the way”.FengNing economic development zone in hebei intensify propaganda, using WeChat working group, emergency radio loudspeaker, WeChat public, hanging banners, widespread calls for all the people the prohibition of straw to protect the environment, civilization martyrs their grief, everybody is responsible for the spring fire prevention and common disease resistance to stay the course, to ensure that the information known, everyone knows, enhances the fire prevention, epidemic prevention safety consciousness of the masses.To expand the propaganda, promote safe and civilized sacrifice, promote transforming social traditions, also held “our festival, qingming festival sacrifice | development zone civilization, green clear commitment” together online activities, the development zone WeChat public release in suzhou, forwarded to the organs, the groups and communities and extensive publicity during the ching Ming festival to strengthen the necessity of fire prevention, epidemic prevention,We actively guided all the masses to participate in the online signature activity of “I promise and I practice”, which was responded by the masses.All cadres fire prevention and epidemic prevention when the protagonist.Is completes the fire prevention work during the qingming festival, consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control, hebei FengNing economic development zone, all the organs of cadres and workers to give up vacation rest, engaged in fire prevention, epidemic prevention, stationed villages, one day in advance will conduct joint inspection, fire prevention, epidemic prevention during the qingming festival full understanding of the propaganda guidance, registration and management, emergency disposal, and so on and so forth.From April 2, all the cadres and workers of the organs to the post in place all sink to the villages, with village cadres, forest rangers, grid members in the area of continuous patrol, watch the fire from the high point;Fire patrol shuttle in the field, the key areas, weak links, launched a carpet patrol.To ensure the unimpeded information of groups and villages, such as timely reporting to the emergency fire fighting team, rapid response, rapid disposal, to ensure that “early, small, dozen”, tightly woven epidemic prevention and control, spring fire safety net.At the same time, a grid system and a 24-hour on-duty system have been established to promote fire prevention and epidemic prevention.On this basis, Hebei Fengning Economic Development Zone also strengthened the supervision and inspection of fire prevention and epidemic prevention work, and ensured that the “epidemic” was prevented and the fire was extinguished, so as to comprehensively protect the personal and property safety of all people in the development zone.