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Source: Zhu Ziqing “New Year” Poetry anchor:Fu Lirong – the jasmine blooms in the fiery sun,When a hundred birds were chirping, they were pleasantly knocking on the first door of spring; when they were missing us warmly, when they were greeting us for a long time, they were bringing us New Year’s greetings, when they were laughingLike father mother hands full labor and reap a glass of spirits the homesickness in the wind with mellow greeting me drunk in the morning wandering drift was stepped up home in the footsteps of my beloved girl has long had never copy the same campus thriller cobweb silently grew slightly cocoon while spring wind still early, I will carry on to ask the girl I love Love, in the spring,A fresh wind is blowing from a distance and there is the fragrance of a maiden with the whisper of a wild lily that blooms in a moment green, tender twine of a lover’s arm, holding you close and plucking the strings of spring the distance of the seasons is so strong that it cannot be held back as the earth doth hope I see my folk,In the New Year’s day, talking about the harvest of the past, counting 365 days and solar terms, and saying that in the spring, everyone’s eyes opened fire again. At that time, strings of corn were hanging under the eaves, and yellow joy was floating all over the home.Let a person see the feeling of excitement and sureness in the heart, so inexplicably reminded of many years ago when it was snowing one day relatives together in the house of a family photo, three touch the first drop of dew dense open, it is colorful north of the ice and snow melt trees in the south of the green sound of cars along the road,It is the arrival of spring wedding life was destined to where you want to wake up to listen to the happiness of all holy beautiful singing eyes conveniently can touch things like poetry and water at the first sight and then in the spring sweet pregnant but I still think of the village on a field of flying in the direction of the river village is the constantly blowing ‘breeze makes me Zhang Wangchu grow into little sisterShe is standing at the intersection of the home to meet with a gesture of a spring jasmine presented to you this poem of blessing above article, please share, if involved in copyright issues, please contact us.Editor Du Yao first trial Li Shuyun final shen Guobing ▼ share