Starting 165 w!Released in the middle of this month, high configuration will indeed perform well in the market

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With the gradual development of the mobile phone market, in the domestic mobile phone market now many aspects of product configuration are going higher, especially compared with the charging power of Apple mobile phone products, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers really can be said to be in front of the very.After millet in the mobile phone market is done in terms of charging power market front, with 120 w charging power is really in the mobile phone market has a good market selling point, even sinking to the mobile phone market in the end, and wireless charging has a high degree of the charging power did, however, after was named, millet and convergence to a lot of,There was no breakthrough in Dan power in the mobile phone market.And in the mobile phone market recently, millet, though nothing happened, but another domestic handset manufacturers suddenly announced his broke through the charging power constraints, the charging power of mobile phone product biggest change became more 165 w, 120 w, and products are fixed on the mobile phone market shift, it will be released in this month.This vendor is the red devils, after comparison pay attention to the game in the mobile phone market of mobile phone product development market makers, bring the new breakthrough, now really let a person very surprise, because in the red devils in the mobile phone products in addition to relying on the market game phone is well known, the other aspects of the general market performance was compared.So for the next red Devils to release this new product, in the end the market performance will be good?Let’s take a look at its mobile phone product configuration performance can know, according to the market can know some information ah, the Red Devils new Red Devils 7 this product has been entered the network, and with 165W charging power, 64 million pixel shooting strength, and the 144Hz refresh rate of the e-sports screen.Other aspects of the configuration has not been exposed, it is estimated that it will be like waiting for the release of surprise, as a game phone product, its various configuration performance should not be very bad, like performance and battery, the probability should be 4nm and 5000mA.Compared with the previous mobile phone product red Devil 6Pro, Red Devil 7 should be a big upgrade in the mobile phone market, but the price may not be very low and friendly, in fact, it is better to get the red Devil 6Pro product, after all, now its price has begun to loosen and decline.The market performance in the mobile phone market has also changed greatly.And the red Devil 6Pro configuration is in fact now in the mobile phone market performance is also very good, like its charging power also reached 120W, although the battery is not very large only 4500 ma capacity, in the mobile phone market is considered normal, not as high as other game mobile phone products, but also enough.And its carrying Xiao dragon 888 processor in the mobile phone market performance of the situation, now is very good, and had a very good performance, although there is no new Xiao dragon 8 gen1 processors so attractive, but in the game on mobile phones because the cooling system better, performance is really will be better.But in the film as the reds’ mobile phones are not very good, the red devils 6 pro this mobile phone product rear film strength although there are 64 million pixels, but only the main perturbation to the pixels, the other two cameras is only 8 million and 2 million pixels, and the front camera pixels is only 8 million,However, the general consumers of mobile games products are also male consumers, and they do not care too much about the performance of taking pictures.Fortunately, Red Devil 6Pro not only has a complete configuration of all aspects of game mobile phone products, and the screen refresh rate in the mobile phone market has reached 165Hz, which is the highest in the domestic mobile phone market now. Indeed, it has a great market attraction for some game players, especially for games with high picture quality requirements.And now in the mobile phone market red Devil 6Pro price is relatively close to the people, the overall price is also more suitable for a situation, the new is more fragrant, but the price will be higher, the old generation of the Red Devil 6Pro is really more suitable for the start.