Zheng Juan take the initiative to confess Zhou Bingkun, in addition to repay, in fact, there is a purpose!

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Hello, everyone, I am the original author “silly elder brother said shadow”, the hit drama “in the” Zheng Juan, this woman is really too complicated, Zhou Bingkun give her thirty-five dollars, she accepts the acquiescence of that a moment, actually already be ready to sacrifice, for the decision Zheng Juan, her anger, hesitated, hesitation, but the final decision to our surprise,She can only choose to use your return for the kindness, Zhou Bingkun Zheng Juan are people, with the blind children, brother and pregnancy without too much revenue, she can only give Zhou Bingkun yourself, this also is Zhou Bingkun is more things, Zheng Juan this move, however, in addition to Zhou Bingkun gratitude, but there is another ulterior motives of calculation, and that to speak of from the life and experiences of Zheng Juan,Zheng Juan and brother is by his mother to pick up the child, mother Zheng Juan rearing to teenagers, and coming home with brother kuang-ming cheng again, my mother once said that a child is not to pick up, this is the gift of god give mother Zheng Juan couldn’t understand at the time, being so poor in the home, mother will raise the blind brother, mother was seriously ill, after he told Zheng Juan, no matter what happens in the home,Home how poor, can’t abandon his younger brother, Zheng Juan understand at that time, the child is the gift of god to the mother mother sell Popsicle spawned Zheng Juan and younger brother, she knew to be a mother, without blood relationship, can be so good to oneself, so this is the truth Zheng Juan give Zhou Bingkun said, with LuoShiBin Zheng Juan forced to children,She originally was to destroy not to, but finally left, because the child is the gift of god give Zheng Juan, for the sake of their children, accepted TuZhiQiang Zheng Juan, in order to give the child a father, but you never know, TuZhiQiang is treated as the murderer shot, after the artesian water and LuoShiBin began giving Zheng Juan living expenses, they find Zhou Bingkun to run errands,Zheng Juan face 35 dollars for the first time, she was angry and refused to, she doesn’t want to come from an enemy, also don’t want to and they have to entwine, Zheng Juan of artesian water and soldiers hate, on the one hand is hurt her husband with self-improvement, on the other hand is hate LuoShiBin infringement, so Zheng Juan evil away Zhou Bingkun, only the mother in order to survive Zhou Bingkun kneel supplications,Let he kept this thirty-five dollars, Zheng Juan can not accept the money, but they can’t stop mother, mother to take the money, is for the sake of his siblings and the blind, Zheng Juan stubborn and pride, in front of the survival is fragile, and his belly and an unborn child, if received the money,That will be a hatred of LuoShiBin shame, chose to forgive, but in front of survival, Zheng Juan or bite a tooth to allow mothers to kneel down to money, it was also to the thirty-five dollars, began Zheng Juan calculation with ulterior motives, first of all, she took the money from think will cost more, Zhou Bingkun at risk of being called “, help LuoShiBin send money to a widow,Society at that time, Zheng Juan such family is nobody willing to close, why take the initiative to help LuoShiBin Zhou Bingkun send money, unless the he is, and that the only thing that can attract Zhou Bingkun at home, may be only the man himself, Zheng Juan not do not love themselves, nor the nature of tragedy, but she suffered too much evil human nature,So Zheng Juan has been the worst you ready, that is to meet all the requirements for Zhou Bingkun, it had begun so Zheng Juan premeditated, but all this is for families and children in the belly, she also don’t want to go to this step, but the reality does not allow you have other options, finally let Zheng Juan did not think of, Zhou Bingkun turned out to be a complete old honest man,Although Zheng Juan full of desire, but never ask for too much, so Zheng Juan heart has begun to change attitudes, finally let Zheng Juan made up his mind to something, that’s five dollars two packs of brown sugar and extra brown sugar, in the society at that time, that’s something money can’t buy, so precious things, Zhou Bingkun gave Zheng Juan rudely.So this time Zheng Juan started his calculation, she actively and Zhou Bingkun, let Zhou Bingkun couldn’t refrain from their inner desire, two people finally story happened, this time calculation, Zheng Juan actually want to entrust Zhou Bingkun himself, because Zheng Juan didn’t work, only by doing some manual labor in the home, make poor few cents, Zheng Juan know Zhou Bingkun not put myself,This time he is also willing, in addition to Zhou Bingkun gratitude, the second is to confided themselves and their children to the good man, only two men the feelings of the road is very bumpy, Zhou Bingkun parents will not accept the widow to marry his son, but Zhou Bingkun Zheng Juan besides has the compassion, he is more love Zheng Juan, two people also will eventually break through in trouble,Together we will make our own happy marriage.So, what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time.