Chen Guoyong, director of Investment promotion Bureau of Qiannan Prefecture: Make every effort to promote the business environment of qiannan prefecture to achieve great improvement

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“At present, The Investment Promotion Bureau of Qiannan Prefecture is formulating a special action plan to clean up and regulate qiannan Prefecture’s Business environment.”On February 12, Chen Guoyong, director of investment Promotion Bureau of Qiannan Prefecture, who attended the group discussion of the first session of the 15th National People’s Congress of Qiannan Prefecture, said in an interview that after the formulation of the plan, a number of policies and regulations will be effectively remedied, service efficiency is not high, new officials ignore old accounts and other problems.Through special actions, qiannan prefecture has actively created the business environment characteristic brand of “VIP service · 10 do nothing”.Set delegation group discussion site in qiannan this year on the “two sessions”, “government work report” pointed out that in the next five years, the state will explore the lack of commitment to the examination and approval system, strictly implement the “ten don’t STH over and over again,” do nothing don’t talk, “soft touch”, and establish the enterprise problem, the government service “two list”, pursuing “five-one project” service mechanism, adhere to the service,Building a service-oriented government.By the end of 2021, Qiannan prefecture will focus on the “four Innovations” and focus on the “four Modernizations”, highlighting the problem of “double cultivation and double service” to improve the quality and expand the scope, further optimizing the business environment, and launching the “ten no trouble” initiative.This will not only strengthen the foundation for high-quality development, but also help solve the pain points and difficulties in the business environment.In guiding county administrative service hall to handle related business Chen Guoyong said, “ten measures are not.” come on stage, further condensed the consensus and create a “everyone is doing business, everyone involved in optimizing business environment” thick atmosphere, shows the qiannan building first-class business environment of the firm confidence and strong determination, to fully arouse the enthusiasm of work,To push forward the reform of the blade inward, and build the business environment characteristic brand of “VIP service · Ten do nothing” in Qiannan Prefecture.Longli high-tech industrial park, next qiannan will create the first-class “government affairs environment, business environment, policy environment, solid foundation to carry out the” 10 no trouble-making “clean-up operations, intensify propaganda, create a good atmosphere environment, detailed measures to promote the development of reform in depth, strengthen supervision and inspection is to ensure that the policy to carry out the ground,We will make every effort to improve the prefectural business environment.At the same time, set up to optimize the business environment “10 no trouble-making” clean-up work leading group, clear natural resources, environmental protection, investment promotion, government services, market regulation, development and reform, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, financial and other eight departments as the lead unit, refining the task list, clear work deadline, promote to form closed-loop mechanism.Extended reading: “ten do not toss” : first, do not toss enterprises randomly due to planning adjustment.Second, enterprises will not be disturbed by environmental protection, safety and other problems.Third, not due to breach of trust, repeated negotiations toss enterprises.Fourth, not due to arbitrary law enforcement inspection toss enterprises.Five is not because of tedious proof to toss back and forth enterprises.The sixth is not due to the delivery of land does not have the development conditions to toss enterprises.Seventh, not due to the change of leadership, organizational functions and related responsible personnel adjustment on the grounds of toss enterprises.Eighthly, enterprises will not be troubled by additional financing conditions or tie-in products.Nine is not because of the red top intermediary intervention toss enterprise.Ten is not due to default or disguised deferred payment of accounts toss enterprises.Guizhou daily eye news reporter Yu Saitao editor Yuan Peng editor Zhang Carry forward Liang Xiaolin