How many we-media does a Fan Zhiyi feed?

2022-05-26 0 By

Recently my broken station APP always recommended a kind of video to me, is general Fan Zhiyi fan’s magic video……The original video is eight years ago in 2013, when the five Star sports reporter interviewed Fan Zhiyi, with the classic sentence “no face” to make fun of the National football team.Do not know from when, magic change fan Zhiyi’s “face is not” has become today’s traffic password, really is the traffic password……I now look down, basically as long as the magic change Fan Zhiyi video, not to say how the quality, as long as the change of a little new, the flow is basically 100,000 guarantee, exaggerated is more than a million is not rare…And the magic changed the video can be described as a variety of crossover, have changed into a variety of language versions, have changed into a variety of anime, TV series, and other terrier mixed together, the style can be described as a thousand changes, endless.This is an 8 year old meme. Why is it back in 2022?Originally, in March 2021 the journal poking fun at the conference, fan zhiyi is better at playing their own terrier, poking fun at the men’s basketball team 19, 76:79 Poland, stir-fry years ago in the effect of the stem again hot, plus fan general itself vocal style, rhythm, but also very happy when you talk is to let the stem the spread of excellent results.Some friends said that they may not know about fan Zhiyi’s joke about the National football team in 2013, but only after seeing the performance of the joke conference did they know the source of the joke, and then it was popularized…And finally lit the fuse of this video, or the National football team itself……In 2022, China lost 3-1 to Vietnam in Hanoi in the round of 12 of the World Cup qualifiers, which proved what Fan Zhiyi said in the video eight years ago: “Lose to Vietnam next”…Let this video has the opportunity to successfully ascend the video flow throne of a station again.The viral spread of this video shows that the topic of “National football” itself is also very powerful.With the rapid development of China, people’s economic level has risen, but they are also eager to improve other aspects, including sports competition. However, the lack of improvement in Chinese football for so many years has indeed produced a national “consensus” — Chinese people can’t play football well?This consensus leads to the Chinese people can mercilessly take out a variety of disparaging Chinese football meme entertainment, in fact, is a “hate iron can not become steel” mentality.And when you that “money back brother” now can have 700,000 fans, also enough to show that as long as with the “national foot” link, basically has opened the flow password.Finally, the video “No face” itself is very distinctive. Fan Zhiyi speaks Mandarin with a strong Jiangsu and Zhejiang accent, with a Yin and Yang tone, and a lively body language, giving the video a unique sense of rhythm, which is really exciting.Therefore, even if it is not contributed by the football district, all kinds of trans-boundary content can change the effect of various kinds. It replicates the essence of the original video and becomes a joke that can be understood by partners in other fields. It still confirms my statement that “National football Team” is the joke of all people.