How to do when Philippine 9G contract expires?How long can I leave China after I drop my visa?

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When working in the Philippines, I need to provide the corresponding work certificate to get my own work visa smoothly.Therefore, for many people, if they want to work in the Philippines, they need to find a job first, and then they can apply for a work visa after getting the invitation letter from a Philippine enterprise.You can stay in the Philippines for at least three years with a work visa.What will happen when Philippine 9G contract expires?How long can I leave China after I drop my visa?How to do when Philippine 9G contract expires?Work need to deal with a work visa in the Philippines, if he resigned or is not in the original unit work, then to sign their 9 g work to send a sign, the so-called drop sign is equal to their own work visa has lost its potency, want to continue to stay in the Philippines is dealt with afresh new conform to the provisions of the visa.Therefore, 9G is tantamount to applying for a residence visa again.At this time, I have no valid work visa for a long-term stay in the Philippines, so I have to continue to stay in the Philippines with other visas. At this time, even a tourist visa can be extended to stay in the Philippines for 2 years.Therefore, after the 9G visa in the Philippines, you can stay for a long time.How long can I leave China after I drop my visa?If you are a foreign citizen with a Philippine 9G, you can buy a plane ticket when you return from the Philippines.You don’t have to clear customs. You can go back.And there is no limit to the number of times.However, after the 9G visa is reduced, the visa of an individual during his/her stay in the Philippines becomes an ordinary visa. Therefore, if he/she wants to leave the Philippines for more than 6 months, he/she needs to obtain a customs clearance certificate and ensure that his/her visa can leave the Country normally within the validity period.If you want to re-enter the Philippines after leaving the country, you need to apply for a new visa.With the Philippines 9 g sign can work in the Philippines, but lose the work would be to sign their work to send a sign, so whether to handle the appropriate visas or residence in the Philippines normal need to handle relevant visa, then we can give our agents, visa faster and better for everyone.This article is written by Chinese businessman visa. I hope it will help you understand life, study and work in the Philippines.You can answer any questions you may have in the Philippines.At the same time, we will regularly publish some high-quality original articles to answer all kinds of questions that customers meet in the Philippines.Welcome your attention and forwarding