Hunan forest fire red alert issued consecutively

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Changsha, April 9 (reporter Oufeng) On April 9, the reporter learned from the relevant authorities that the temperature in Hunan province continues to rise recently, and the risk of forest fire remains high.Since April, the Hunan Forest fire prevention and control Headquarters office has repeatedly issued red, orange and yellow three-color warnings to remind everyone to do a good job in forest fire prevention and control work.The Forest fire Prevention and control Headquarters office of Hunan Province issued a red alert for forest fire in the next 24 hours on April 8th.(city, XinShao, Shao Dong, shaoyang shaoyang county government, chengbu, sunnybrook), loudi (cold water river, lianyuan, twin peaks), yongzhou, hengyang, chenzhou, linwu, AnRen (guiyang, golden harvest, yongxing), zhuzhou (remote, chaling, yanling) very high level of forest fire danger weather (level 5), according to the provisions of the forest fire emergency plan, please start red alert response:All fire is strictly prohibited in the field, the implementation of fire inspection into the mountain, sent a working group to key areas for surveillance, comprehensive implementation of the prevention and emergency measures, fire prevention staff at all levels in a high state of imminent war.8 April orange forest fire Alert for the next 24 hours issued at 1600:Suggestions for, zhangjiajie, changde (city, shek mun, LinLi, Li County, tianjin city, taoyuan), which is, yiyang, we, taojiang (city), yueyang (LinXiang ringing, yueyang county, XiangYin, ROM, at pingkiang), changsha, xiangtan, zhuzhou, (city, green estuary, liling), shaoyang, loudi, xinhua (city), (longhui, the mouth of the cave, suijiang ning), chenzhou (downtown, appropriate chapter, xing, Eastern Guangxi, Rucheng) forest fire risk meteorological level is high (Level 4), please initiate orange warning response measures according to the provisions of forest fire emergency plan:Strengthen 24-hour on-duty dispatching, strictly check the illegal use of fire in the field, increase the publicity of early warning information, carry out forest fire prevention work supervision, make preparations for the allocation of fire prevention materials, forest fire fighting teams at all levels enter a state of imminent war, fire prevention staff at all levels cancel their holidays, and shall not go out in principle.At 16:00 on April 8, yellow alert will be issued for forest fire in the next 24 hours: Changde (Anxiang, Hanshou), Yiyang (Nanxian, Yuanjiang), Yueyang (downtown, Huarong) forest fire meteorological level is higher (level 3), please according to the provisions of the forest fire emergency plan, start yellow alert response measures:We strengthened fire prevention duty dispatching, strengthened field fire source management, strengthened forest fire prevention patrol and lookout monitoring, strengthened the investigation of fire risks and hidden dangers, and put fire prevention equipment and materials in place. Forest fire fighting teams at county and township levels have been put on standby.So, what should we do after receiving a forest fire warning signal?Here’s an authoritative reading from the Ministry of Emergency Management.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: