If these 5 people are not glass physique, NBA or another day, Too pity CAI!

2022-05-26 0 By

In THE NBA, players who are often injured are often referred to as “glass men”, which means their bodies are as fragile as glass, and these glass men often have extremely talented players. If these five players are not glass men, the NBA or another day, what a pity For CAI!Ross is such glass man, he is the youngest NBA MVP, when he is healthy, the sports ability of cracking on the court, but it was also because of this, he often suffered injuries, and ligaments, the ankle, the damage to the motor ability is great, so Ross never reach for your peak, all is mundane people.Love is not the best player, but he is good at center. He is also a typical Glass man with no major injuries, but there are a lot of minor injuries.He played well alongside James in his prime, but after James left, love was a bust and paid a lot of money.Davis in the NBA today, it is a hard top power forward, starting from the pelican, data is very beautiful, but also injuries, while health came to the lakers, with James and earned the title, but also continues to injuries this season, leading to underachievement, Los Angeles, if he is not made of glass constitutionMaybe the NBA is a different story now.Griffin was injured in his debut, after the injury recovered, only to officially start his NBA career, but it also cast a shadow on his career, his basketball style burst, but also brought him injury, if he is not glass physique, will be a good title puzzle.Finally, There is CAI, as a no. 1 pick in the NBA draft, CAI has attracted much attention before he entered the NBA, and is widely regarded as the next James, the FACE of the NBA, but he is a glass body, because of his weight, frequent injuries, talent wasted!