Lakers!Timberlake dominated offense and defense, with Westbrook scoring 17+6 and the Clippers celebrating after the game

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59-54, half-time the clippers temporarily lead 5 points, let’s take a look at the players side of the field data, the clippers a morris 11 points and 4 rebounds, 2 assists, his 14 points and 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 points and two rebounds, 5 assists reggie, brad line 7 points and three rebounds and seven assists, kenner, 10 points and two rebounds, mann five points, Hal cane Mr For 6 points;For the Lakers, Davis had 15 points, seven rebounds, Monk five points, four rebounds and five assists, Bradley three points, Westbrook four points, three rebounds and two assists, Anthony seven points and two rebounds, Reeves three points, Tucker nine points and Howard seven points and four rebounds.To two teams in the squad, of course is better for the lakers, but the lakers played a game yesterday and the blazers, today the second back-to-back, there is no enough players fitness, this gives the clippers, the clippers while there is no superstar in the array, but after this period of time to adjust, the team also found the key of winning and the city Derby today,It’s very important for both teams.The clippers with a temporary eighth in the west, the lakers came in the ninth, direct dialogue of two teams, who can win is particularly important to win the victory, the clippers can consolidate the eighth settle down, can the lakers and the clippers with flat, both teams wanted to win, the game also unusually fierce, the score has been bitten, together for a draw.After the first quarter, the Clippers led by two points, and the second quarter was as good as it got. The clippers went on a run just before halftime when Carmelo Anthony left the court with an injury and the Lakers failed to respond.Not too bad, the lakers had a chance to turn it around in the second half, they played very firmly today, there were no problems on the offensive end, just some holes on the defensive end, but as long as the offensive end continues to be like this, with the offense leading the defense, can win.Westbrook’s offensive efficiency was not high in the first half, but westbrook did not occupy too many players and allowed his teammates to get more chances. It is not easy for westbrook to sacrifice his stats.94-82, the clippers temporarily lead the Lakers by 12 points, this section of the Clippers to expand the lead to more than 10 points, Reggie hit a series of 3-pointers, the Clippers directly under the three points rain, the Lakers poured a cold heart, the Clippers once led the Lakers by 17 points.After losing weight, Russ is really back to his peak. In the first three quarters, Russ has scored 25 points and 13 rebounds, but there is so little help that Russ has been in a slump.The lakers shut down the Clippers with an 8-0 run to start the fourth quarter, and Westbrook scored six straight points, which is exactly what fans want to see from him.The Clippers were scoring short offensively and the lakers got within two when Ibaka made two foul throws, Reeves missed a pass and Morris hit a 3-pointer to bring the lead back to six.Trevor Ariza’s 3-pointer, Reggie’s basket, monk’s 3-pointer at the end gave the lakers the lead, but Morris immediately responded with a 3-pointer, and the two teams ended the game one at a time, one after the other, and neither team wanted to lose the game.Reggie’s layup with four seconds left gave the Clippers a one-point lead, and The lakers missed a floater. The lakers lost by one point, 110-111.For the Lakers, Davis had 30 points, 17 rebounds, two assists, two steals, two blocks, Monk 21 points, seven rebounds, seven assists, Bradley six points, Westbrook 17 points, six rebounds, four assists, Tucker nine points, two rebounds, two assists, Trevor ariza five points, Anthony seven points, two rebounds, Howard seven points and four rebounds.For the Clippers, Batum had four points, three rebounds, three assists, two steals, three blocks, Morris 29 points, seven rebounds, three assists, Ibaka 20 points, nine rebounds, two assists, Coffey three points, four rebounds, Reggie 25 points, eight rebounds, six assists, Kennard 10 points, two rebounds, three assists, bledsoe seven points, three rebounds, seven assists.At the end of the game, clippers players celebrate crazy, Reggie is dancing, is very excited, no wonder, the city Derby is so full of passion, not to mention today’s game twists and turns, the fruits of victory is also very sweet!Do you think so?