Such as huaqianji uav sky art exhibition official publicity low tide universe digital collections have been online

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On February 14 and 15, coincides with the arrival of the Double Festival of Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival, qianjishow, a digital business application company of drone performance, will join hands with Jia Wei, founder of Rococo Innovation Design Group and tide universe artist, to display the new sky art like flowers in the wild IP.Looking back on the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) performance is divided into the flower Lights “, “flower in the sea Year after year have fish “, “flower garden Thousands of roses “and” flower in the snow games “four parts, respectively corresponding to the festival, throttle and current affairs, through one thousand, with modern science and technology will romance and emotional to deduce, express things such as flower, comfortable and best wishes.With the rise of the universe last year, public curiosity and interest in the universe has never been higher.In the eyes of Jia Wei, the creator of IP like flowers in the wild, eyes are the wormholes leading to every metaverse world.Based on this, Qianjixiu created a huge air “flower eye”, and combined with the UAV air TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to break through the boundaries of virtual and reality, to achieve the interconnection of heaven and earth, man-machine interconnection, so as to enter the low-space meta-universe world of Qianjiji.According to reports, the scene of the uav air TWO-DIMENSIONAL code appeared within an hour, nearly 5,000 people scan code into the.Such as the eye of the flower is worth noting, this such as the flower thousand machine on February 15, 16 two days in the alipay small program “ultra dimensional space” online the world’s first wave of low tide universe digital art collection.Data show that on February 15, online 2,000 copies of the two digital art collections “Such as flowers in the Sea every year there are fish” and “Such as flower Garden thousand roses” were sold out within 3 seconds after the sale at 13:00.On February 16, 2,000 copies of digital art collections “Looking back on the Lights of a Family like A Flower” and “Blooming like a Flower in the Winter Olympics” were also sold out within one second of being launched.Admittedly, at present, the description and exploration of the meta-universe is just in its infancy, and there are still many uncertain factors in the future construction of the meta-universe.However, the colorful display of low-altitude meta-universe uav sky art and the second space data from the digital art collection may provide the public with a model of the possibility of a low-altitude meta-universe becoming a reality.In the view of Shi Zheyuan, founder of Qianjixiu, now the exploration of the ground has developed very mature, the exploration of the space universe is also in full push, but there is still a lot of space for the exploration of the low-altitude airspace between the ground and space.Technology is rational, art is perceptual, technology needs art to give it temperature.The huaqianji low-altitude meta-cosmic UAV show is to uav as the carrier, the art in the sky interpretation.Jia Wei, founder of Rococo, said that the aerial art exhibition of the IP opened a new mode of artistic interpretation and value transformation.In the future, Such as huaqianji will regularly plan low-altitude metauniverse sky art exhibition, and combine digital technology, develop digital art collection, the sky, digital, art for a deeper integration of innovation.In today’s digital era, more dimensions of artistic creation are expanded, and more possibilities of digital art are promoted in the sky art mode of the low-altitude meta-universe.Editor: su