Take back contracted land to go collective old way, if you are a farmer do you agree?

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With the country’s attention to rural areas, rural revitalization and common prosperity quietly come, merge villages and towns, land concentration and scale, the general trend, rural farmers are also very concerned about the current situation, why?Land is the lifeblood of rural farmers. To move this lifeblood, we must consider carefully. Therefore, we should also ask the wishes of farmers, right?So, take back contracted land to go collective old way, if you are a farmer do you agree?I have a couple of ideas. Do you think they make sense?First, I don’t agree with the old collective way. If we go the new collective way, I totally agree with it. Why?Rural revitalization of common prosperity, village and town, large-scale production, I think is a good thing, you think about it, now industrial economic development by leaps and bounds, the agricultural economy development lags behind, farmers farming income low it is true that many young adults in the countryside for the sake of life force, displaced migrant workers, if not forced by life,Who wants to leave their parents, wife and children behind?So, left the old man home land to grow, because the old man labor co., LTD., half-heartedly, many cultivated land pastureland, unavoidably caused the waste of land resources, the village and town, land mass production, it is cater to solved the problem, you think about it, land scale, farmers can get land share out bonus, can also go to work, also have a pension insurance,Therefore, it is indeed a good thing to attract some young people in rural areas to return to their hometowns. With young people in rural areas, there is hope for rural revitalization.Second point, recycling the contracted land, should learn from the southern cities, as far as I know, because of the southern city of industrial development, so you need to build factories, most farmers land expropriation, or lose money to compensate room, or to arrange jobs, door to door to do ideological work, farmers agreed, to develop, as a result, most farmers obtained development dividend,Getting rich will take care of itself.Now, the rural revitalization, the integration of villages and towns, the scale of land, can also be based on the development model of big cities in southern China, so that the rural farmers can achieve common prosperity, what do you think?In a word: take back the contracted land to go collective old way, if you are a farmer do you agree?Actually, take back the ground that contract takes collective old road, already divide give high or low.So, looking forward to the future, shall, according to the needs of the development of the modern agricultural economy land scale, let the farmers get dividends, can to work the land, the land is also a kind of profession, also can have a pension, the farmers earn money, old-age security, is willing to spend money, so stimulate domestic economic development, expanding domestic demand, the overall national economy make up,If 600 to 700 million farmers become rich, think about how powerful our motherland is. What do you think?Deficiencies please give a lot of guidance to supplement, remember to angelica village new nongge comment message attention, thank you!