From the retirement of Zhang Ruimin and Zhou Houjian, the phenomenon of Qingdao entrepreneurs

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Peninsula all media chief reporter Gao Shuhua big man waved to, deep and name.On the afternoon of March 12, Zhou Houjian quietly stepped down and officially retired, leaving hisense after 30 years at the helm. The board of directors has elected Lin LAN, former vice chairman, to take over as chairman.On November 5, 2021, Zhang Ruimin resigned as chairman of the Board of Directors of Haier Group and formally handed over the baton to Zhou Yunjie.On the afternoon of March 12, Zhou Houjian announced that he had resigned as chairman of Hisense Group and formally retired.Zhang Ruimin and Zhou Houjian, created Haier and Hisense two hundred billion enterprise groups.In their career at the helm of the enterprise, they told a familiar legend.Now both big duo retreat, the outside world in addition to their success and retirement praise, reluctant to part from the nostalgia, there is a new legend of what day to look forward to reappearance.Reviewing the great era of reform and opening up in which thousands of Vessels competed, refrigerator factories and TV sets factories were faced with breaking situation.In 1984, the 35-year-old Zhang Ruimin was appointed as director of Qingdao Refrigerator General Factory.In 1992, Zhou Houren became director of Qingdao TV Machine Factory when he was 35 years old.Since then, the yellow Sea shore rises two big 100 billion level enterprise groups.Although coming from the same city and industry, Zhang Ruimin and Zhou Houjian have created completely different corporate and personal images in terms of personal style and business philosophy.What is Zhang Ruimin’s legacy as a founder of Haier during his 37-year career?The top comment on Haier’s official weibo account, which has received numerous likes, reads: “Zhang Ruimin has handed over to the future an endless ecosystem of makers for everyone.”Haier group is the official WeChat interpretation, which is a kind of make haier in transition after ecotype enterprises still sustainable inheritance mechanisms of evolution: corporate leaders to avoid dissecting the mode transition of common shift, Mr Zhang through 16 years exploration of the single mode combination, dissecting the enterprise successful transformation into self-organization, since the drive, since the evolution of ecological enterprises.What Zhang Ruimin has given to the future is an endless ecosystem of makers.The purpose of Haier’s innovative inheritance mechanism is to accelerate the detonation of each ecological circle and realize the ecological value cycle of exponential growth.By the time he left, he had transformed Haier into a unique eco-company by creating and promoting the single-person model.In 2021, Haier Group achieved a revenue of 332.7 billion yuan.Compared with Zhang Ruimin, zhou Houjian is a low-key technical school.He always believes that technology and quality are the foundation of hisense, and he has laid the engineer gene for Hisense, making innovation and research and development become the surging blood of Hisense.For example, in 2000, Hisense entered the field of chip research and development. Starting from scratch, it endured more than four years of loneliness with only investment but no achievements.In June 2005, Hisense successfully developed China’s first digital video processing chip with independent intellectual property rights and industrialization — Xinxin, ending China’s annual output of 70 million color TV sets without “China Core” history.For example, he worked on laser TV, which was doubted from the beginning of the project development, for more than a decade, and before he retired, these businesses were on the right track.In January 2022, Hisense officially released China’s first self-developed 8K AI picture quality chip in Beijing. Hisense, known for its “picture quality”, further seized the “air superiority” of picture quality champion.Zhou Houjian led Hisense from the fierce market competition to fight a way out of China to the world.In 2021, Hisense achieved a record high of 175.5 billion yuan in operating revenue, up 24% year-on-year.Successful enterprises have their own paths, but the legends in rivers and lakes are surprisingly the same.When it comes to large enterprises in Qingdao, people still habitually promote Haier hisense.Because the two leaders jointly created a brilliant era: both brought an ordinary small factory to the top of the industry.In the face of the tycoon’s retirement, the outside world is reluctant to part with the reason that there are three problems to face: whether the successor can continue to brilliant, Qingdao can also appear like Haier hisense billion enterprises, who can create a new Legend of Qingdao entrepreneurs in the next few decades?On the occasion of farewell, Zhang Ruimin, who has always believed that “there is no successful enterprise, only the enterprise of The Times”, also asked himself: “Will Haier ecology do better?Can it go on forever?Will!”The answer still lies in the integration of “people” (makers) and users. This “self-evolution” undoubtedly determines the future of Haier’s ecology — “the enterprise will eventually perish, and the ecology will be immortal forever.”As early as 2015, Zhou Houjian said, “Metabolism is inevitable. We must admit that age is an obstacle to change. When young people come up, they will definitely make more changes than us.”Before the two leaders waved away, they cast the spirit for their respective enterprises, a vein to follow, let us believe that jiangshan must be a generation of talent.Return to Qingdao more enterprises themselves, who will be the next Haier hisense?Or when will the next billion-dollar group emerge?Looking at the list of Qingdao’s top 100 enterprises in the past few years, Haier hisense has stood on the mountain of 100 billion for several years, and there is a large fault below 100 billion.Even among enterprises with revenues of more than 50 billion yuan, qingjian has been the only one for many years.In 2021, THE revenue of CRRC Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. will be 45.3 billion yuan, a narrow gap from 50 billion yuan.In November 2021, a themed photo exhibition was held to celebrate “Qingdao Entrepreneur Day”.Given that haier, hisense, tsingtao, binary, aucma, “golden flower” successful experience, in 2019, return to manufacturing city of Qingdao, and launched a new generation of golden flower breeding work, selected 42 size, strong innovation ability, high market share of enterprise to cultivate, USES the successful experience of five golden flowers cultivating and practice,From the credit of science and technology talents and other five aspects to empower these enterprises, support their rapid growth.3 Gary Hammer said, “It’s not the earth’s gravity that holds humans to our planet. It’s our lack of creativity.”The development of the current era, the change of industry, breeds more possibilities.New models, new formats and new species are exploding at an unprecedented rate, and opportunities may be just around the corner.Qingdao is becoming a fertile ground for entrepreneurs to grow.Qingdao has created an atmosphere that advocates more respect for entrepreneurs, supports and protects entrepreneurs.November 1, 2021 is the first “Qingdao Entrepreneurs Day”.On the morning of the same day, Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Government held a symposium to promote entrepreneurship and high-quality development of manufacturing industry, listening to the voices of entrepreneurs and paying tribute to entrepreneurs in the name of the city.November 1, 2021, “Qingdao Entrepreneurs Day” theme light show.Moreover, Qingdao has always taken optimizing the business environment as the lifeline to promote high-quality development of Qingdao.In 2020, Qingdao ranked 11th in the national assessment of business environment from 19th in China.In 2021, Qingdao was listed as one of the top 10 Cities in China for business environment.Released in October 2021, Qingdao, the Qingdao business environment optimization promotion action plan, will be convenient to handle affairs, the rule of law, fair, competitive cost, livable appropriate industry as the principle, in article 46 that business enterprise new measures for path, trying to will be raised to the “national front” doing business, for high quality economic and social development to create new advantages.In addition, Qingdao has given support and preferential treatment to small, medium and micro enterprises by cutting taxes and fees.All these are in the hope that hits the seedling, give sunlight, rain and dew and enough time, can withstand the storm, grow into towering trees.It also takes time for a company to grow and adhere to the belief of success.History has quietly turned a page and the future exudes an unknowable charm.Let’s wait and see, a more brilliant chapter will be written by Qingdao entrepreneurs!