German game!Zhao Xintong 9-0 Yan Bingtao won the title, Ding Junhui baton successor!

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Beijing time, January 31, 2022, China’s New Year’s Eve today, in Berlin, Germany, the two Chinese players in the Final of the German Masters staged a stunning match.Zhao xintong beat Yan 9-0 to win the title with a break of 5-60.Yan Bingtao only a 60 plus performance, lost some miserably!Yan bingtao beat David Gilbert, Mark Selby, Ryan Day and Mark Allen to reach the Final of the German Masters.It was yan’s first trip to the Final of the German tournament and many fans favored him to win the tournament.Chao also made a remarkable run through the tournament, knocking out three-time world champion Mark Williams in the first round, beating Tom Ford in the second round and then thumping world No. 2 Donald Trump 5-1.Zhao xintong easily beat Ricky Walton 6-3 in the semifinals to meet Yan Bingtao in the final.Snooker fans will know that the ranking final between two Chinese players dates back to the 2013 international tournament, when Ding junhui beat Marco Fu to win.Nine years later, zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao replicated snooker’s classic duel to meet in the final.Before that, the two had met twice, with Yan and Zhao each winning once.Yan bingtao is a steady slow pace player, while Zhao Xintong is also a precision fast attack player.At the beginning of the game, the fans did not know whether the game was fierce or strong shield.At the start of the match, Zhao xintong single 74 points to get off to a good start, the two in the second game into a long battle, Zhao xintong 71-38 next game.With a break of 118 in the third frame, Zhao took complete control, scoring 82, 89, 68 and 70 for a 7-0 lead.The pace slowed in the eighth game as Zhao closed the first half 75-26.Yan Bingtao 0-8 big score behind, it is difficult to turn over.After a short break, Yan still couldn’t find his touch in the ninth game and ended the match 31-63.Zhao xintong swept the tournament 9-0.Zhao xintong became the second Chinese player to win the German Masters after Ding Junhui in 2014.Ding Junhui is the leading snooker player in China, and despite poor results in recent seasons, he still has a chance to regain his form.Have to say, zhao xintong now looks like ding Junhui has taken over the baton.The £100,000 prize was unimpressed!O ‘Sullivan bluntly: no appearance fee resolutely do not participate in the competition!