The ecological restoration of the Yangtze River in Xianning city has won national excellence

2022-05-27 0 By

Xiangcheng City Daily news (reporter Guo Rong correspondent Li Dan Mingcong) yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal Ecological environment bureau that in 2021 the Yangtze River ecological environment protection and restoration of the station tracking research acceptance in the country’s 56 places (cities, states) ranked in the forefront, was rated as “excellent” by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.It is understood that since the start of the research on the stationary point tracking of the Yangtze River ecological environment protection and restoration, the working group of the stationary point has given full play to the role of scientific and technological assistance under the professional guidance of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences and other expert teams.For below-standard axe xianning central lake water quality problems, actively carry out the axe and 11 river lake PaiKou check back and put forward improvement schemes, compiled the axe lake basin PaiKou screening technical report, established the “a”, making completed problem PaiKou renovation “a bite of a policy”;In view of key river basins and key section management, we have actively made suggestions and policies, and compiled and completed the Water Environment Function Category Demonstration Report of Huanggai Lake (Hubei) and Water ecological Integrity Evaluation of Land water and Jinshui, etc., which provide strong support for the government’s decision of governance of key river basins and key sections of the city.The stationing work in our city has been fully affirmed by superior departments since it was carried out two years ago.The “Fourteenth Five-year Plan” of Ecological and Environmental Protection in Xianning City and its special projects (hereinafter referred to as “The Plan”) prepared by the tracking research group were fully affirmed by the leaders and experts of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, and the work experience in the investigation and remediation of sewage discharge outlets into the River (lake) of Hatou Lake watershed in Xianning City was promoted and learned in the whole province.Since 2019, the water environmental quality of the city has been steadily rising. In 2020 and 2021, the water quality of Hatou Lake has reached the excellent water body standard for two consecutive years.