The end of the world: Zhou Bingyi derailed, mother-in-law to help extinguish the fire is not strange, Xin Boqing played well

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In the world, the son-in-law spirit “derailed”, do mother-in-law, did not timely inform her daughter not to say, but also privately to the son-in-law hit the cover.More this son-in-law, mother-in-law also taught him to clean up the mess.Kim’s pattern, that is really not ordinary people can achieve.Why would she help Chow Bingyi?In fact, the most fundamental, nothing more than Zhou Bingyi and the foreign woman love, stop the ceremony.Since nothing of substance happened, let’s move on.The second is that Zhou Bingyi is indeed a practical good leader, for the country dedicated his life to the old Lady Kim, how willing to let Zhou Bingyi was dragged down the water private life.The mother asked: you have not moved the truth?Zhou bingyi did not answer.My mother-in-law made a choice for him: no accidental firing of the gun, and The letter from Orya continued to be answered, and no one was to be sent to the front without being sent to the back, but all correspondence must be shown to me!This is not surveillance, but protection, because Zhou bingyi is a high-level cadre, and if anyone makes an issue of this matter in the future, his mother-in-law must know the whole story to help him.Director Jin once said that when his wife died, he said it was lucky to find himself as his wife. As long as the man did not do bad things, he would let him do things and spare no effort to support him.This old lady has a very traditional side, but also a wise side, zhou bingyi really should thank this mother.Zhou Bingyi, the munitions factory saved!Zhou Bingyi went to the Soviet Union for two months, finally negotiated the project, to the munitions factory to pull back the funds, there is hope for production.The workers heard the good news brought by Zhou Bingyi, are very excited to feel the work is also strong.It was really happy to see the workers singing and going to work, at least they would not worry about their careers anymore.I have to say that Chow bingyi is indeed a good leader.The role of Chow bingyi is really excellent.There is thought, there is culture, there is height.There is responsibility, responsibility, filial piety.He and Hao Dongmei are great!The best actors in Simboqing.Kim Yuk-hee warns Joo Byung-yi.Zhou Bingyi and the Soviet Union of the little nurse’s scandal, she is very angry.Kim Yue-hee warned Zhou Byung-yi: wipe the gun does not misfire.And asked him and the Soviet little nurse can continue to write, but this letter must let him read.Kim Wol-hee is amazing!Good play!