Up crazy!These sectors still have opportunities

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Today, the market sentiment continues to warm up, 3500 stocks rose, yesterday was the deep V trend was confirmed, the market volume is moderate amplification, capital is gradually returning.Blade said yesterday, February will not be worse than January, holding quilt covers will gradually return to blood, these two days dare to copy bottom, choose the right direction will make a lot of money.Digital currency today broke the daily limit, the plate jumped 9%, almost the full limit.Digital currency logic was very clear, began to ferment, because yesterday four ministries and commissions a document to change the process?No, this is the overfall rebound capital influx caused by trading congestion, buy all the can buy, everyone wants to make a wave of short-term quick money by good news, before the festival slump after the festival skyrocketed, this shows that the market is not short of money, lack of confidence.Now confidence gradually returned to the fall, the rebound of the opportunity is still a lot of, this position most stocks are in the low, dare to copy bottom, seize the opportunity to make money!Major infrastructure projects, such as urban pipe network construction and water conservancy, have gone out of tide today. The daily limit rose by more than 30 on Monday, and a dozen on Tuesday. Today, only four remain.Rebound this news will stimulate the local concept, urban pipeline is the main direction, zhengzhou torrential rains last year, major accidents caused by disasters, into the rainy period in north China, it is likely to continue for decades, and the serious problem of urban waterlogging in urgent need of building a larger capacity of city pipe network, this is an opportunity to make money, but is only subject hype, and the theme is relatively small,Can not undertake big funds, imagination space is not big.Overall large infrastructure is not suitable for relay, the loss effect will gradually appear, or multiple perspectives of new infrastructure is better.02 National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration held a meeting to deploy the coal price guarantee for steady work on Feb. 9, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration jointly held a meeting, arrange deployment continues to do a good job in coal market price stability and the part of monitoring found that coal prices artificially high enterprises questioning remind, request to check the rectification.In recent days, the thermal coal price rebounded from 700 yuan to 900 yuan, and the price reached 1,982 yuan in October last year. Just a few days after the rebound, supervision came, and Zhengzhou Futures Exchange raised the thermal coal margin ratio from 40% to 50%, directly blocking the opportunity for speculation.Winter is about to pass, after the heating season, thermal coal demand is reduced, the price is bound to fall, futures is nothing to fry.But the stock market coal sector, this time relatively strong, look at the coal sector trend:The coal plate was quantitative fund last year to play bad, help rise and fall, set a lot of capital, but from the technical point of view, in the Shanghai Composite Index and gem market in the two months of slump, the coal tenacious sideways shock, the index stopped falling coal plate quickly pulled up, obviously is the capital in the protection, there may be a wave of rebound market.Coal is a big cycle industry, last year’s speculation is with the futures trend, this year’s futures have no opportunity, speculation logic should be a performance surge.After all, coal enterprises signed many long contracts at the end of last year, taking thermal coal as an example, the price is more than 1000 yuan, which doubled than the year before last, so the performance of coal enterprises is supported.Can guess, last year’s slump, the main force did not run, should be retail and quantitative funds ran first, the main force did not make money, so this year by the performance of a surge to a wave of speculation, looking for some funds relay guard is also possible.So behind the coal plate even if there is a rebound, do not do long-term, if the coal plate has the opportunity to hit a new high, we will find the opportunity to run, to run in front of the main force, do not believe the touted institutions.Aluminium rose to $3,244 a tonne, continuing its highest level since 2008.The Federal Reserve said to raise interest rates, but gold did not fall, commodity oil rose, Shanghai copper has been trading above 70000 yuan, nickel hit a new high, aluminum, rebar steel in the recent rebound.Is the global recovery so strong?Short of everything?From the futures market, resource stocks should have a wave of oversold rebound prices, we should pay attention to, including new energy lithium, rare earth, etc., there may be a wave of more than expected rebound.Look at the trend of non-ferrous plate: the trend of non-ferrous plate is obviously stronger than other three days, futures rose, may stimulate the cycle of stocks rebound tomorrow.If cyclical stocks rebound, beware of digital currency speculation funds retreat.China Family Planning AssociationThis year to carry out intervention has special action of unmarried people abortion, China’s family planning association’s website work key point of the China Family Planning Association 2022, 2022, to implement the reproductive health promotion action, focus on teenagers, and other specific people of childbearing age crowd reproductive health problems, to carry out the special action intervention and unmarried people abortionWe will reduce unwanted pregnancies and induced abortions among teenagers and improve the reproductive health of the people.Blade had suspected that the government would intervene in abortion as the number of births plummeted.This is not to take the right path, relying on crooked methods to solve the problem, let alone this can not be solved.In the past, the family planning program charged social maintenance fees, but now the practice is not because people do not want to have children, but because they cannot afford them.To solve problems, we must focus on the principal contradiction. This policy puts the cart before the horse.If the abortion procedure is complicated in public hospitals, people will be pushed to private hospitals. Everyone has heard how much people are cheated in Putian hospitals. We cannot change the policy, we can only manage our children.On the aftermarket, gem refers to the bottom of the market confirmed today, if the central mother rate cut before the festival is the bottom of the policy, then yesterday’s shadow, the probability is the bottom of the market, the bottom of the market is generally at the bottom of the policy.In addition, from the technical point of view, gem from the high M head break down, generally 1:1 space, is also basically fall in place, the market is the rebound bottom stage.At the end of yesterday, the paper emphasized the speculative opportunities of digital currency. Today, digital currency rose 9%, activating the enthusiasm for doing more in the short term. Before the digital currency heated up after the collapse, after the return of funds superimposed policy stimulus, bottom-fishing funds swarmed in.A shares do not lack money, lack of confidence.A market with widespread losses will not attract capital inflows.Up can create risks, down can also create risks.In the great Bear market of 18 years, hundreds of enterprises broke out of the pledge crisis. This year, changchun High-tech, which crashed, fell from 522 yuan to 160 yuan, and pork stock Zhengbang Technology, etc., all broke out of the pledge crisis. Only by reversing the market, can the risk be resolved in time, and can not let the pledge crisis repeat the same mistake.Yesterday big financial protection, someone denied the national team to enter the market.At the key point to enter the market to pull the financial is not who is important, the market spontaneous behavior is better value, after the oversold rebound market will continue.It is worth observing that if the single main line continues to rise, the rebound height is high, if it is the plate subject matter round rebound, rebound is expected to be lower, and the time cycle will be longer.