A new starting point!Yu Minhong: New Oriental has had the quietest winter holiday

2022-05-28 0 By

Affected by the epidemic, the winter vacation of 2022 is still cold and full of constraints.Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, said in a post on his social media platform that the company had a very quiet winter holiday.Speaking of Yu Minhong, we are all familiar with the story that he failed in the college entrance examination three times and finally was admitted to Peking University. After he founded China’s largest education group, today we will talk about it in detail — the legendary life of Yu Minhong.In 1978, Yu minhong failed in the college entrance examination and scored a dismal 33 points in English.But he did not give up. Encouraged by his mother, he took the second college entrance examination and scored 55 points in English.There was progress, but it was far from the local normal school he had thought of at that time, and he wanted to give up.Fortunately, at his mother’s insistence, Yu was sent to a local cram school for the gaokao, while his grades began to improve rapidly and eventually he was admitted to Peking University, One of China’s most prestigious universities.After graduating from university, Yu Minhong stayed in school to teach. In order to prepare for the cost of going abroad, he began to take extra classes outside school. After he was found to be punished by Peking University, he chose to resign.Later, the student base of New Oriental gradually expanded. Xu Xiaoping, yu minhong’s former colleague from Peking University, and Wang Qiang, Yu Minhong’s former classmate from Peking University, formally joined New Oriental, injecting exuberant vitality into this rising Oriental star.Until 2006, New Oriental was officially listed, declaring the success of Yu Minhong’s era.In 2011, Yu minhong started his second business and started to break into the sub-industry of education and training.In 2014, Yu minhong and Sheng Xitai, former chairman of Huatai, co-founded Hongtai Fund to support Internet education innovation and provide angel power for more young people with dreams to innovate and start businesses.Until today, New Oriental Education Group still stands as the leader in China’s education and training industry.As the founder of Yu Minhong, he pioneered education and training in China and created a new era of education. His legendary personal experience provides reference and spiritual support for countless young people pursuing their dreams.Affected by the epidemic in the past two years, many offline education institutions have been shrinking or even closing down due to the recession.I think this will be a new problem that New Oriental Education Group will face after so many years of success.As Yu Minhong said, New Oriental is quiet this winter holiday, and may be quiet for a long time in the future.And how to stand still in this silent environment, really need the whole group, the whole industry thoughtful discussion.However, I believe this is a difficult problem, but not an impasse.The legend of Yu Minhong is that he knows how to survive.In-depth report on the legendary experiences of business elites and business leaders, dialysis business intelligence by EMBA figures