Libo Agricultural Bank financial knowledge publicity into the fire rescue brigade

2022-05-28 0 By

Recently, the Agricultural Bank libo branch into libo County fire rescue brigade carried out the prevention of telecom network fraud financial knowledge publicity activities, the brigade all the fire officers and soldiers to participate in.The propaganda meeting, the bank staff carefully prepared the propaganda courseware, more intuitive for the presence of fire officers and men, detailed explanation of the characteristics of telecom network fraud, types, hazards, typical cases and correct remedial measures, to remind everyone to beware of personal information leakage, to avoid being used by lawbreakers.At the same time, combined with the daily life and work of the firefighters, the agricultural Bank of China bank bank bank bank cards, credit cards, financial management, loans and other financial products and services, and set up on-site questions, consultation exchange and interaction links, face to face to answer their questions and clarify their doubts.This training not only helps the firefighting officers and soldiers of the brigade to further enhance their ability to prevent telecom and network fraud and improve their financial literacy, but also plays a positive role in promoting communication, deepening cooperation and jointly building a security “firewall” between Libo Agricultural Bank and fire protection.Correspondent Huang Chengxing Meng Xinbing Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Zhang Tao editor Lu Taiming editor Zhang Forward