Paris old man sleeping at home late at night, by the bandits home bound robbery

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Paris On January 31 (Rugia) local time on the night of 27 to 28, Paris rich district six residential robbery case, two bandits attacked an old man in his late 80s, robbed jewelry and cash.The incident took place on the fifth floor of a five-storey apartment building overlooking the Jardin du Luxembourg on Rue Vavin in the sixth Arrondissement of Paris at around 4am on Monday, le Parisien reported.The 79-year-old woman was asleep when the two men broke into her bedroom and quietly slipped into her bedroom. They put their hands over her mouth to stop her screaming, held a knife to her throat and tried to calm her down with the lie that “we only came to your house to hide from the police.”After that, the two gangsters by searching in the apartment, took the old man’s jewelry and bank CARDS, ask for the old bank card password, but old people are shocked, don’t remember the password, gangsters also not too persistent, but continue to dig out, in the closet of the kitchen to find a safe, ask the old man to the safe password, take away the things inside.They tied her to the bed, gagged her and tore the sheet into strips to tie her wrists and ankles.They made off with diamond rings, gold earrings, an old iPhone and 1,400 euros in cash.The amount involved is believed to be around 70,000 euros.The elderly victim freed herself and called the police.According to investigators, the elderly woman suffered no physical injuries but was traumatized by the unpleasant experience.The investigation was carried out by the Third Judicial Police district of Paris. Forensic technicians searched the scene and found traces left by the gang at the front door.A community investigation revealed that two men dressed in black fled into a nearby street.Police have yet to arrest the suspects. It’s a random or targeted attack in a wealthy area, pending further investigation.